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Gabe Steel vs Axel, Match 661 (UCW)

"We're on the mat here. Obviously we're in gear," says Axel in his smarmiest voice, "so I assume you have come to wrestle." Gabe replies, "I mean, you know? No shit, Sherlocks." Something in the moment suggests that we're looking at Gabe's introduction to UCW before the previously released matches with Max RyderWolf Boy, and El Fuego. Something also suggests that these two have been hankering for this match for some time. Gabe is intent on becoming UCW's latest wise-ass heel. Axel, on cutting this man-giant down to size.

Axel and Gabe are at their best when they are themselves, without pretenses or gimmicks - just two likable guys who enjoy playing rough and know how to do it right. If they pull their punches, it's not by much. Having had the honor to watch Axel closeup on several occasions seven or so years ago, I tell you the guy likes opponents who are willing to go the limit and take their licks straight. (I mean I might have been hypnotized or something, but I swear I heard crrrack  when balls were kicked.) In turn, Axel takes whatever punishments you got for the sake of a thrilling fight.

This is a thrilling fight. These guys enjoy holding each other by the short hairs. And while some underground wrestlers throw punches that fall short of the target, Axel and Gabe want to hear their knuckles smack flesh. Mismatched in physique and experience, Gabe and Axel put on the best show they can - and that, for these two, is saying plenty. Whether it's either's best fight, I cannot say. In a situation like this, the bottom line for me is what my cock and balls think. And my take is that they were thoroughly entertained.

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