Krush vs Dimitri

Krush vs Dimitri, Cheap Shots 2 (Krushco)

Krush and his hot out-of-town guest engage in "rough and dirty tactics" seemingly without ever coming up for air - and neither wrestler wastes much time before going for the low blow. We have biting, nose pulling, ball socking, kneecap busting, garroting, all manner of (to quote the catalog description) "seriously painful, brutal low-brow fighting" - which, as grueling as it all sounds, reads like a valentine to my ears.

Dimitri is an able foe for Krush. He's not as big, but as he proves here (and has proved in French pro rings and at Wrestle4aFee) he is a resourceful and tireless battler. He has soulful eyes, a dramatic profile (which provokes Krush into trying to do it some damage), and a smooth body of just about perfect shape and dimensions for pro and mat wrestling. (Yes, I am in fact developing something of a crush on him.)  And he fights just as nastily as Krush.

Krushco is unique in that for years it has produced dependable product with a deliberately limited scope, while at the same time opening itself to experimentation (sometimes bizarre  experimentation) and technical upgrades. How many men has Krush squashed over the span of his online history? and yet how many times has he played with new ideas - from costume heroes to hot-tub wrestling to business suit strip-downs? And look how much the production values have improved these past five years! I would further contend that Krushco is the most "underground" of all the underground wrestling sites - so tight is its focus on its one and only protagonist - yet so adventurously ambitious in crossing the gamut from private den grappling to sci-fi.

This match is brutal and sexy. Krush and Dimitri take each other to the brink. Like most underground matches, it consists of some staging, yet it provides some of the hardest, most fucked-up assaults to be found anywhere.

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