Turn Up the Heat

Although he hasn't defended the title since the end of 2018, Tyson, the reigning UCW champion, has taken on a long line of opponents in 2019 - including strong potential contenders like Axel and Chase Michaels, both fighters who'd like to claim the belt as their own (for a third time, for Axel). With no ref in sight in Match 671, once again only the wrestler's pride is at stake. Jessie is a solidly built wrestler, who has tested his mettle three times over the past couple of months against Wolf Boy and Michaels (twice), proving his readiness for UCW's no-rules style of wrestling.

The wrestlers' difference in height gets some jokey attention at the beginning. Jessie is doing slow (and perfect) push-ups as Tyson enters the ring, brandishing his UCW belt and adopting his usual devil-may-care expression, totally full of himself. Tyson towers over Jessie. Though Tyson's body is beautifully muscled, Jessie's squat, strong physique poses a viable threat. Height is not necessarily an advantage in wrestling, especially against a wrestler as solidly built as Lee is. Lee is a wrestler Tyson needs to take seriously here, or he may be facing him sooner than he would like in a title match.

A test of strength looks even at first. But without losing his smile even once, Jessie forces Tyson to his knees. After the bell sounds, the Champ shoves Lee into a corner and kicks him three times in the gut, then grinds his knee into the newcomer's abs. Seconds later, he is ramming his forehead to Jessie's crotch. He lifts his opponent up, evidently intending to body slam him, but finds his head suddenly locked between Lee's powerful thighs. Lee drags Tyson to the mat, where he maintains his grip for maybe half a minute before the Champ rolls out of it.

Tyson is not above biting, ball-racking, nipple-twisting, and hair-pulling to get the results he wants. He uses the medallion on his title belt as a bludgeon and briefly engages in bare-knuckle boxing. In Jessie, he finds an opponent who plays as rough and dirty as he does. (Side note: Both men consider the baring of an opponent's ass cheeks a legitimate fight tactic, too.) The wrestlers also favor textbook attacks like scissorholds, Boston crabs, and rear naked chokes, both for their inherent drama and for the damage these holds can inflict.

Win or lose, Jessie solidifies his place in the UCW ranks by taking on the Champ. If he wins, however, he could soon be a real contender. Tyson either proves the belt is his legitimately or faces the specter of losing it sooner than later.

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