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Gabe Steel vs Zack Reno, Match 691 (UCW)

"I've been seeing what you've been doing," Zack says deferentially after Gabe complains about UCW not booking him against a bigger opponent. "I'm a big fan of yours. It's an honor to be in here with you. Shake my damn hand, and I'm gonna bring it to ya, buddy." "Let us hope so," Gabe says, shaking the man's hand, with a big toothy grin that's, frankly, a little bit scary.

Gabe has weight on his side. Zack has experience on his. But this is UCW. Anything can happen here, and, at one point or other, everything does. The bell sounds, and the two lock up. Zack manages to get behind Gabe and wrap his arms around the man's rib cage. The hold lasts no more than two seconds, if that. Gabe traps Zack in a combination chickenwing and chinlock, but Zack slips loose even before the hold is fully in place.

Zack gets Gabe in a full nelson, and the surprise is that it takes Gabe a full 10 seconds to escape and put Zack in a side headlock. He uses the lock to thrust his opponent to the mat, but he overreaches and Zack gets a two-count on him. The two separate. On hands and knees, they glare at each other like two wild animals. They stand, Gabe lunges, and Zack ducks under and gets the big man in a short-lived side headlock.

From this point, Gabe dominates - subjecting Zack to a long string of high body slams and stretches and backbreakers. He utilizes the ropes and ring corner to wear the energetic runt down. For seven minutes, Steel is in charge. But when he pulls Reno's hair, the wiry little guy strikes back. Zack gets Gabe in a rear choke, even pulling the big man's weight on top of his body. He tightens his grip. It looks like this could be "it." Then Gabe starts striking his elbow against Reno's ribs. He escapes. No sooner do I think I know where this is leading, Zack reapplies the choke and, amazingly, gets the first fall by submission!

Things get rowdy, even by UCW's usual standards. The last half of this match is a nailbiter. Both men are relatively new to UCW, but they fight like old hands - if by "old hands" I meant "crocodiles.". Here's a truly savage and unpredictable battle - what a great way to spend Thanksgiving!

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  1. gosh Reno is getting more and more gorgeous!

  2. Zach is so hot when he's taking a beating, and even more so when Gabe is the one doing it. He looks great with or without the body hair too. Can't wait to check this one out!

  3. Yes Reno is a pleasure to watch, I enjoy seeing him in control and dominating as much as I get into his suffering. And what a great body! I will be ordering this video for sure, especially after reading your enticing summary of the match.

  4. Great write up - I got this match and it didn’t disappoint. I could feel the crotch grabs by Gabe they were so intense! And that smile actually makes me a little uncomfortable because you know he wants to beat down whomever he’s looking at. Zach is a great opponent, too. He’s got looks and skill.


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