Racked with Pain

El Fuego vs Steve Mason, Catalog 690 (UCW)

Fuego and Mason don't do much with the ropes. They don't need to. This is a mat match at heart. More specifically it's a UCW-style mat match with all the usual ball-grabbing, gut punches, and bullying taunts intact. It's funny how quickly newcomers pick up the vibe of the place, and Axel and Bodyslam are responsible for maintaining the company's tone and rowdiness over the years, despite an ever-changing roster of roughnecks.

Years ago, when I started blogging, I didn't care for masked wrestlers or masked wrestling. Tastes change. Now I'm a fan, not a super-fan, but a fan still. I've watched documentaries, read books, enjoyed the masked luchadors in underground wrestling, finally reaching the conclusion that wearing a mask, disgracing a wrestler by tearing off his mask at a fight's climax, and staking one's mask against an adversary's are all pretty cool things to do.

I get a kick out of El Fuego at UCW - I like the erratic energy he brings to the mat and the ring. Even with his face covered, he manages to bring more emotion to a match than many wrestlers who don't wear masks. Steve Mason intrigues me as well - he comes off a lot tougher in his UCW matches than he does back in Spain at Hunkswrestling, where his style is relatively laid back. I credit UCW for bringing out the animal in him. I credit UCW, too, for bringing these two roughnecks together. It's an almost shockingly even contest up to the last five minutes. Genius idea. Go at it, boys!

Does the Spaniard strip the mask off El Fuego? Do you think I'd tell?

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  1. Hi Joe, I love your reviews, I discovered this blog just few days ago, congratulations for a great job. I would like to ask you if its possible to add a banner of Hunkswrestling as well in your left side of your blog with the others and what size would be required, Kind Regards.

    1. Thank you, Enric. I have added the Hunkswrestling logo to the list of promotions I love, along with a link to your site. If there's a different banner you would like me to use instead, please let me know.

    2. It's perfect, thank you!


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