Nero Angelo vs Jax Atwell, Match 689 - Oil Match (UCW)

Probably more a work of performance art than wrestling, Match 689 is an oddball video that defies explanation. It's about as hard to get a grip on as Jax Atwell's oily ass, but that should not discourage fans of Nero Angelo or of the oil wrestling genre. I'd say it's good for what it is, but, damn, if I know what it is.

Since his arrival on the underground wrestling scene four years ago, Nero Angelo has been gradually evolving into his own genre of quasi-wrestling entertainment. Just as there are Hitchcock movies and Warhol soup cans, there are Nero Angelo wrestling videos. They are combination fantasy, aggression, self-worship, frottage, and scenery-chewing, and nobody does it in as grand a style as Nero.

Of all Nero's "challengers" - not the right word, but I'm not sure there is a right word yet - new face Jax Atwell looks most at ease in Nero's fantasy kingdom. Like most of Nero's costars, Jax is mostly a prop - a living, breathing squishy toy. Unlike most of Nero's costars, Jax effectively turns the tables on Nero, seizing on the big guy to enact his own agenda, creating, in the process, his own hallucinatory wet dream.

The two strong and eccentric personalities mesh very well. What they create together is not exactly wrestling and not exactly porn, though those words are bound to crop up in any discussion of UCW's Match 689. I like the concoction more than I thought I would, but, to be honest, I wasn't expecting to like it at all. It surprised me, and fascinated me, and that in itself is something to savor. 

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  1. Really hope Nero would do submission matches like Movimus Wrestling again. Angelo vs Markus and Angelo vs Russo are always my go-to matches.


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