Want a Piece of Me?

Jesse Zane vs Blake Hunter, Catalog 17 - The Muscle Boys Call the Shots (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

The expression on Zane's face in the top GIF makes me want to hump every inch of him. So does Hunter, from the looks of him. Licking his upper lip, Jesse stokes my lust further. He is far from intimidated by Blake's stacks of muscle and proud sense of entitlement. He's going to turn the tables on this hunk when he's good and ready. Right now, he's charging up to give Blake the ass-kicking that the bodybuilder doesn't even know he craves.

Lucky is the wrestler who gets booked in a match against Jesse Zane. Not only is Jesse a consummate mat athlete, but he is the Casanova of underground wrestling. Nobody so suavely mixes aggression and seduction as he. He avoids both a rapey vibe and treacly cuteness. Zane knows how to play, and he toys with his opponent's head and body like no one else. He trades punches and kisses in equal measure. He is the definition of sluggo-erotic bromance - gentle and rough, by turns, and when he's in charge, the lines between the two are blurred.

Blake Hunter is safe in Jesse's hands. Zane hurts him and hurts him so tantalizingly that Blake begs for more of this exquisite pain. Blake is under Jesse's spell. He likes the way the bully with soulful eyes bosses him. In fact, he's enamored with it. Jesse attends to details like a master chef in his kitchen or a violinist with a Stradivarius. Blake takes a licking, and he looks dazzled by the experience - all the way to his warm red center. His moans are equally ecstatic and tormented.

Jesse taunts Blake. Even at the finish, after feeding the jock his cock and speckling his chest with cum, he turns up his nose and mutters "pathetic muscle jobber." The insults are part of the seduction - ironic because Blake's performance has been far from pathetic; in fact, it's what the doctor ordered. Jesse's words play with his trick/opponent's head, defeating and egging him on in the same breath. Like the punches, the gibes are unexpectedly arousing.

I have enjoyed Hunter's previous MuscleBoy matches - first against Derek Bolt, then Aaron Perez, and most recently Jeremy Daniels (who took a page out of Jesse Zane's playbook), but it may be this match I will remember him by. As for Zane, the man invented MuscleBoy's distinct style, but for me this is Jesse at his hottest.

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