Jocks & Socks & Jax & Ax

Axel vs Jax Atwell, Match 705 - Jocks & Socks (UCW)

Match 705 has kink to spare - jockstraps, selfies, socks, wrestling,  and Jax Atwell's perfect abdomen.  Axel and Jax share similar physiques, but Jax has a long way to go before he can match Axel on the wrestling mat. That's not to say Jax is a pushover. He offers a strong resistance, but Axel's power and know-how have not yet met their match. 

The Instagram angle would be silly if it didn't take its heaving, groping, taunting, and fondling so seriously. Here's the setup: Jax, a self-proclaimed selfie specialist, berates Axel for not posting new stuff on his Instagram page. Axel knocks Jax for posting too many snapshots of himself striking the same three muscle poses on jaxatwell. Axel suggests they leave their phones on the mat as they wrestle so he can take shots of Atwell in "humiliating" positions, thus saving Jax's followers from boredom.

The more they wrestle the more intrigued they are by each other's body - live and in person, as opposed to the mimeses of social media. Perhaps I read too much into 705 by interpreting these frolics as criticism of society's favoring of facsimiles over life, and Instagram fame over the pull and heated tussle of actual existence. Even if there is no underlying message, the eye candy is simply đŸ€-able fun

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