Axel vs Lobo Gris, Match 742 - Dream Match (UCW)

Lobo Gris is so excited to share a wrestling ring with Axel that he can barely wipe the starstruck grin from his face. Axel acknowledges Lobo as the "fanboy" he is but warns him that he (Axel) will treat him like any other opponent. He explains, "I don't care if you're a fan. I never hold back for my fans unless they're paying me. You're not paying me, so I am not holding back." Personally, I'm not so sure about that. Lobo's smile is disarming and infectious, and Axel involuntarily grins even as he lays down the law. 

The bell sounds, and Axel grips Lobo in a side headlock. Lobo escapes and retaliates with a full nelson hold. Axel muscles his way loose and annoyedly stomps on Lobo's foot twice before - with a steelily set jaw - reapplies the headlock. He hip-tosses the fanboy to the mat. The landing is hard, but Lobo recovers quickly and traps Axel in a crucifix armbar. The action intensifies, but sometime around the midpoint, I think the match loses whatever edge it started with, and we are left with a series of weakly connected spots.

Under any circumstances, it would be a pleasure to see two wrestlers so similarly built and similarly dispositioned take each other on in a wrestling match, even as buddies horsing around, but when the wrestlers are Axel and Lobo Gris, such a match becomes an "event," so expectations run high. Although my particular expectations were not entirely met in this highly anticipated pairing, I enjoyed watching these two together. Still, the pace feels measured, especially compared to the high havoc of former UCW wrestlers like Eli Black and Quinn Harper. I'm hoping for a rematch, maybe a year from now, that wipes the smile off everybody's face.

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  1. Wait, former ucw wrestlers Eli Black? Has he left for good?

    1. I probably should have said "previous" instead of "former." I hope Eli will be back - and soon. He appeared in two UCW videos this year and four in 2019, but he is not featured as frequently as he was a few years ago.


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