Nero Angelo vs Zack Reno, Match 744 - Hump Match (UCW)

This is a hump match, and yes, folks, the UCW title is at stake. That means the championship belt is just ten consecutive humps from Nero Angelo's waist. From the start, Zack Reno, who has held the title from September 2019 to this present moment, has boasted he'd take on all challengers in any kind of match. Angelo forces his hand, demanding a hump match, a match style that is synonymous with the name Nero Angelo.

With the overweening bluster he's famous for, Nero insults every other challenger Zack has taken on - Tyson the Hammer, Axel, Eli Black, and on and on - claiming that Reno has not yet competed against a "real man" (such as Angelo, of course). With sportsmanlike respect, Zack defends the honor of his former adversaries. He's not opposed to giving Nero a shot at the belt; he hesitates in deference to time-honored title defenses based on pinning or submitting one's opponent. Nero pooh-poohs classic wrestling styles, claiming the hump match as the only sport for real men. Furthermore, he threatens to use social media to charge Zack with cowardice.

This is a crisis moment that could very well change the course of UCW history. Zack accepts the challenge, and Nero promptly attacks with a face-to-face choke hold that Reno miraculously breaks free of. Keep in mind that Nero is (physically) twice the man Zack is. The match will not be won by submission or pin fall. The title hinges on one man's ability to dry-hump his opponent ten uninterrupted times. The match finds Reno in unfamiliar territory. Can he meet the ten-hump challenge? Or will he not only relinquish the belt, but also be Nero's little bitch-boy by losing? Who will win in, hm, the end?

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  1. Always liked the hairy pecs and gut on Nero. Would not mind getting smothered by his pecs, pits, tummy or crotch.


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