Jessie Lee vs Nero Angelo, Match 747 - First to Cum Match - from the Lost Video Collection (UCW)

Jessie and Nero launch the new year with a "first to cum" match, basically a hump match plus a little sticky extra. These two wrestlers cannot be compared to anyone else in underground wrestling. They are, in distinctively different ways, audacious. unconventional, goading, and virile. This is (I think) their third match together at UCW, so they are well acquainted with each other's body, strengths and weaknesses, and wrestling style. Match 747 proves my point that the more two guys wrestle each other, the better the wrestling gets.

The wrestling is ultra-erotic; however, there is no money shot, per se. The victor declares himself, but we don't see the smoking gun. (I wonder if the original custom match has additional footage.) The sensuality of the preceding minutes is enough to glue fans to their seats, and at least we find out who the top will be at the after-party. Jessie's smooth body stroking Nero's hairy chest is incendiary. UCW starts the new year with a bang.

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  1. I bought their first hump match. It is super hot and I've lost count of how many times I jerked off to it. I want to buy this match but I'm wondering if there is big difference between 747 and 725.

    1. No difference at all. Actually the previous match was much better than this. I wonder how many people will order this and be pissed off that there was no finish caught on video. This company continues to shoot themselves in the foot

    2. you want to see a finish pay an order a custom with one. can't ever show that on our website. or just keep your name hidden and bitch, which underground website do you work for anyway?

      Michael Tovar

    3. i'm the client for both 725 and 747, and they are different enough for me to enjoy them both, and the action in both fights is what I asked for and what I like. As Michael says, if you want to see a different outcome, order a custom from him ending with that outcome.

    4. I have removed a comment that was unnecessarily vicious. I value your right to kvetch, but avoid spiteful personal attacks, which do not benefit your cause, however right and righteous you believe it to be.


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