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Lobo Gris vs Zack Reno, Match 757 (UCW)

Zack Reno shows up in movie-star shades and a chip on his shoulder, ready to defend the UCW championship against Lobo Gris. Lobo, an instant sensation when he debuted seven months ago, has been carefully groomed for the company's top spot. He's taken on some of the best - Nero Angelo, Axel, and Joey Cantrell - not always unscathed, but taking his licks like a man.

The battle starts somewhat self-consciously, Zack and Lobo barely containing sheepish smiles as they bark out scripted insults like fifth-graders in a school play. Gravitas has never carried weight at UCW, but the smirks and stiffness vanish as the fight heats up, and it heats up quickly. In the first half of the match, each wins a fall by knockout, leaving it to the final half to break the tie and win the deciding fall.  Lobo underscores his victory by stripping the Champ down to his red briefs..

Reno's experience gives him a definite edge over the raw recruit. Lobo attempts some showoff-y moves, some of which could use a bit more polish, but over his seven months as a pro, the youngster has grown as a ring performer through tireless dedication to training and a few side trips to other promotions. Zack has been such a marvelous champ this past year and a half that it would be a shame to see him go, but Lobo is young and hungry, which makes him the wild card in this event. 

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  1. This is a good one! Zack has been an outstanding champion and Lobo has made a mark in less than a year with UCW. I like the comparisons and had to jump on this match. Zack Reno (too relaxed and over confident?) vs Lobo Gris (Hungry newby eager to win the title). The physical comparisons are evident as well: Zach has a hard compact body while Lobo has about 20 lbs on him but still a bit soft. Lobo also has the height advantage and some hair on his chest. Careful Reno! Gris is tougher than he looks.


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