Redemption for the Beast?

Muscle Beast vs D.Dan, X-Treme Shot Bestial Show 2 (Wrestlingmale)

I haven't caught on to all the idiosyncrasies of Wrestlingmale, but I have enjoyed the matches I've seen. Sure, there are times when I'm scratching my head trying to figure out the rules of the various contests the company hosts, but I'm out of the loop in most areas of life. I'm used to it. I am particularly gaga over Muscle Beast, Leon Klen, Judo KanJohn Rodriguez, and other fascinating acteurs  on the roster.

In this fifty-one-minute video from Paris, German hunk-monster Muscle Beast faces Swiss wrestler D.Dan, who is smaller (but then who isn't?) yet irresistibly handsome and game. Muscle Beast must prove his worthiness to regain favor in the eyes of the company's founder,  Etienne Erik, who meanwhile is plotting to destroy the strongman. Beast must take on a number of opponents of Etienne's picking in order to return to Wrestlingmale. (Nevermind that Wrestlingmale is promoting all these matches even while Muscle Beast is "banished.") 

Of the two available downloads (each shot with a different camera), I went with the second for the GIFs above, as it provides the tightest closeups and often the best views of the overall match, as well as occasional slow-motion replays. The tone of the match is actually light and comradely. When they're not trying to choke each other out, the two, along with the onlookers, chuckle and smile relaxedly. The chumminess of the small crew, which includes the Wrestlingmale founder, is sexy: everybody is at ease and congenial. There's a strong sense of mature men at play here, arm wrestling, flexing, laughing, and hugging before and after the main event. It's different from American underground wrestling*, with its emphasis on youth, gear, and attitude.

The contest begins on a wrestling mat and then moves to a wrestling ring. Obviously, Muscle Beast is favored to win, yet newcomer D.Dan seems sure of his training in boxing and mma, and, besides, there are worse things than getting crushed under Muscle Beast's hairy muscles. At times D.Dan surprises his heavyweight opponent by taking control and putting up a better fight than anybody but D.Dan had expected. (See the first and fourth GIFs above.) The wrestlers make good use of the ring ropes to choke and fend each other off. More than once Muscle Beast heaves Dan upon his broad shoulders. Dan, in turn, surprises everybody by clutching Muscle Beast in a very powerful bear hug and then a tight choke. Chokes are the most common assaults, and they are performed earnestly and convincingly. A submission decides the match's outcome.

This is one of the best Wrestlingmale matches I have seen. I was charmed by its teasing tone and impressed with the ruggedness of the fight. Both Dan and the Beast are mesmerizing.

Visit Wrestlingmale here.

* You don't often see this in the USA. Wrestlingmale's website publishes the ages of its fighters - D.Dan is forty, and Muscle Beast is thirty-two.


  1. thank you so much for your great review! I think too it is one of the best wrestling non sexual but hyper erotic scene in my prod wretslingmale. Hugs to all

  2. Do you mind spoiling the ending? I want to know who wins. (If Musclebeast loses, I will definitely buy this. )


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