Tyson the Hammer vs Cheetah Boy, Match 762 - "First to Cum Match" from the Lost Video Collection (UCW)

Tyson and Cheetah are feisty from the start, with masked wrestler Cheetah taunting the former champ into a first-to-cum match. Within a minute, the two lock up and Cheetah gets the first takedown. Tyson doesn't stay down long, and soon he plops his opponent down on the mat and starts twisting nipples like the knobs in ham radio. The assaults consist also of nipple-nibbling, crotch-squeezing, crotch-to-face smothering, face-sitting, and weinie-bumping, a lot of all of that, plus the occasional scissorhold and backbreaker.

I wouldn't recommend that you invite neighborhood kids to watch this video with you, but the match stops short of the full monty, much less explicit money shots. It's PG-13 or a mild R. However, we do get a solid bas-relief of a hard-on under spandex ... in closeup. 

For decades, wrestling has been sex for me, and wrestling videos have been my preferred porn. I find a lot of porn stars attractive and appealing as personalities, but I tend to prefer wrestlers and wrestling. The wrestling in Match 762 is cock-centric, and Tyson and Cheetah Boy exhibit a talent for raw provocation and typical UCW irreverence.

Tyson is a former UCW title holder, and we fans have seen him flourish as a fighter over the past eight years. He has and has had for all those years one of the top three bodies at UCW. Cheetah Boy has sass and sex appeal, along with flexibility and speed. As already noted, the match is not as explicit as some; still, it is sex-positive and subversive, and Cheetah and Tyson play off each other with shameless gusto.

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  1. This First to Cum match (talk about the stipulations later) was far better than the first. At least Tyson and Cheetah Boy actually looked like they were trying to win while enjoying themselves unlike that previous match mess. The stipulation is just another let down. Can there be a PG13 First to Cum Match? Ummm NO !!! Another attempt at a stupid gimmick match with no conclusion. Next weeks match is the loser is the first guy forced to eat a pizza. One catch though. You wont ever see the pizza, you wont see the box the pizza comes in, and you wont see anyone eat the pizza. LAZY BOOKING !!!

  2. Really!!! U all can really step it up. If Tyson had cummm, it would have shown, especially, with dem hotttt sexxc red trunks on, with that BIGG bulging DICK....cummm on guys...


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