Marco Napoli vs Manuel Skye vs Gabriel Phoenix, Trapped Mouse (Wrestlingmale)

Usually I find myself favoring one of Wrestlingmale's camera angles over the other, but I like both versions of this match equally. Camera 1 captures the action, while Camera 2 captures the heat. For this blog post, I'm sticking with heat because this sex fight has loads of it. The first fifteen minutes or so is three-way mayhem with trunks on. The next ten minutes see the trunks slide off, and the last fifteen minutes is penetration time. (The GIFs above are from the first third - therefore, PG-13.) All three guys make my mouth water - individually and as a complete set.

If you don't happen to have a programme in hand, our players are Gabriel Phoenix (with the samurai bun and hairy chest and midsection), Manuel Skye (with the smooth, chiseled upper body and who bumps fists with Gabriel in the seventh GIF above), and Marco Napoli (with the high-and-tight haircut and who's getting a hazing from the other two in the last GIF above).

Like most Wrestlingmale, the action is chaotic. Gabriel seems the most interested in mat grappling - at first, at least; alliances are made then betrayed; dicks get regular wardrobe readjustments until trunks are abandoned altogether; Skye and Phoenix sandwich Napoli between them; Etienne Erik coaches from ringside; and only one man escapes having a cock up his ass (I was hoping everybody would get some, but I'm not emperor of the world yet).

Serious wrestling this is not. But it's fun, hot, and pretty. I have crushes on Gabriel, Manuel, AND Marco. So there was no way I was missing this match.

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  1. definitely a dirsty fun 3way yes ahaha/ Hugs to all and thank you for your support and article


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