Tall, Medium, and Masked

Tyson the Hammer vs Anton Alvarez vs Cheetah Boy, Match 823 - Strip Elimination (UCW)

Here's a romp for those of us who like romps. It's a three-man strip elimination fight: whoever taps out gets forcibly stripped until only one man has cock coverage. I'm not sure, but I think I have seen everybody's cock at least once. 

Tyson, of course, is the statuesque former UCW champion. Anton may or may not be grooming to take current champ Axel's place. It's a rumor I heard someplace or else made up. And Cheetah Boy, well, ... Cheetah Boy does his own thing. It doesn't really matter because the championship belt is not on the line.

It takes six or seven minutes before the T-shirts come off. Eleven minutes before all three are shirtless. Then, at the 15-minute mark, we get our first tap-out and subsequent denuding. (No, I'm not posting spoilers this time.) The last ten minutes present two survivors fighting to be the one and only survivor. The upshot of the match is an unobstructed front-row view of one wrestler's dick, and it's not moving or going anywhere, which is bad news for the guy who's hung out to dry on the ring floor.

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  1. I'm a huge Tyson fan, so I'll probably check this out.

    Cheetah Boy has a great body, but I despise his gear. Really wish he would find something different to wear. It is the opposite of sexy.

  2. Tyson is eliminated too early! Wish to see more of his BIG BLACK COCK

    1. Totally agree. Tyson should have been in until the end, or the other two wrestlers should have teamed up on him; put him to sleep and made his DICK hard, and.................................................................................


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