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Hard Feelings, 1992

Chuck Young vs Paul Perris , Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 2 (Can-Am) What you're looking at is a 29-year-old sex fantasy. I  blogged about it seven or eight years ago . At the time I had no access to downloads of the match, and I could not make GIFs yet . I have purchased this match three times from VHS to DVD to mp4. (How is that for customer loyalty?) There are moments in it that I can call to memory in a second. I wanted to make and share these GIFs with you to illustrate how much fight Chuck and Paul put into their oil match, an underground wrestling angle that's usually played cute and flirty.  All the swimmy elements are here - those moments that resemble an underwater ballet or, here in particular, an underwater fight to the death in an old Tarzan movie. These slippery boys want to kill each other - or pretend to. Among the great joys of this match is escalating payback for wrongs rendered earlier in the match. Revenge is a hot, lusty toy to play with - and potenti

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