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Scrappy vs Cap, Rough & Ready 111 (Thunder's Arena)
Shortly after I posted on Cap the first time, Jim in Nashville wrote me, "Cap and Scrappy in a ring would be nice." When I saw the Arena's announcement of a new Rough & Ready  number with Cap and Scrappy not in a ring but wrestling in the living room and later on mats in the garage, I shot Jim a quick email with the good news. He responded, "That has delicious written all over it."
I hadn't yet watched the video when I heard from Jim, but when I got around to it, the word delicious  rang in my head. My goodness gracious, what a pairing! Scrappy and Cap are dynamite together, so silky smooth and Irish Spring fresh that with each passing minute they color my balls a deeper and deeper blue. I continue to be amazed at the hunks Mr. Mike manages to haul into the Arena - and these two put up a terrific show.
The first half takes place in the living room. Scrappy plops his butt down next to Cap's,…

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