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Austin Tyler vs El Fuego, Match 642 (UCW)
Tyler and Fuego conduct a strong and convincing match that focuses on grappling, leaving little room for anything else. I would expect nothing less of these two and ask no more from any underground wrestler. That's high praise because wrestling is important in my world. There's not much of an introduction here, just a terse exchange of names, which is great because our guys get right into the action, and in that department both deliver big time. 
Austin Tyler has made his name a synonym for quality wrestling, with a cool and unaffected style that barely conceals a whole lot of aggression. El Fuego is new to UCW - this is his fifth release for the company - and it's a measure of his backbone that he's already been pitted against the company's most talented and serious fighters - Axel, Chase Michaels, Eli Black, now Tyler, names that built this company and whose influence can be felt in underground wrestling worldwide. El Fue…

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