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No Tomorrow

Spencer Hawkins vs Corey Badger Boy Turner, Catalog 22 - Boys Play Rough (MuscleBoy Wrestling)
I have been daydreaming this fight for almost a year and a half. Corey and Spencer fight like there's no tomorrow, and here they are, in the flesh, facing off against each other on the MuscleBoy mat. I'm glad this one is not in the ring. These boys need a mat and a lock on the door, and this fight, at present my favorite of what I have so far seen of Catalog 22, measures up to the slogan "Boys Play Rough."
Spencer's tall and Corey's short, but there the differences end, more or less. Both are tenacious fighters, full of animal spirit in front of the camera. Their methods are equal parts amateur wrestling and flipped-out alleyway aggression. Both sweat like water fountains, Spencer especially. These guys are not posers, either in the real or figurative sense. They go for the jugular and the knockout blow. They latch on and grind their opponent into the mat. Separately,…

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