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Dash Decker vs Sasha Savvin (88wrestling)

If you need your ass kicked, you can do worse than having Dash Decker at your service. Decker, dubbed The Chosen One,  appears in 88wrestling's first release, dwarfing lightweight challenger Sasha Savvin, dubbed The Showoff, who's new to me. 88 opened for business yesterday, and if I wasn't first in line with PayPal in hand at five in the morning, I was close behind. The setting is stark - a professional size ring in a large, soulless, and otherwise vacant room. There's not a lot to see except for wrestling and ring ropes, but then wrestling is exactly what I'm here for.

There's Decker, of course, looking even fresher than I remember him at Rock Hard. The man is wholesomeness personified, flashing his milky white teeth and looking for all the world like a Mormon Hercules. But the Pepsodent smile doesn't fool me. Decker likes to bust other guys up, and he's got a gift for doing it with a certain degree of style. …

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