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High Flyer

Dezmond Xavier vs Shane Strickland, BCP Fight Forever (Battle Club)

I have a crush on Dezmond Xavier. Though high flying and intricate choreography are not my particular thing - too much flight time, not enough crashing and skidding - I can't argue with the quality of Xavier's pecs. All 5'9" 183# of him is fine, but those pecs dazzle. More importantly, his is a body that bounces nicely.

Here he is in January fighting Shane Strickland (5'9", 169#, in orange) in New York City. The match makes a pass at grappling early on and delivers some fun clobbering along the way. There's not a lot of intrinsic drama.  As the closing minute of the video reaffirms, it's a friendly match, fairly low key intensity-wise, but delivering a lot of spectacular flipping and wow moments.

The wow factor is indeed impressive, as are the physiques on view. Dezmond radiates superstar potential. I want more body contact and tight muscle-to-muscle tussle (of the headlock and scisso…

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