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Miles vs Axel

Miles vs Axel, Match 608 (UCW)
Miles is a good fit for UCW. His propensity for eye-gouging, hair-pulling, ball-twisting, and other assorted acts of heel nastiness positions him within traditions forged over the years by Joker, Eli Black, Quinn Harper, and current champ Angel Estrada. Here, facing Axel at last in singles competition, he's a flamboyant and slightly unhinged wild child who "interacts" with a nonexistent live crowd. The usually composed Axel doesn't know what to make of him.

Miles's fantasy raises an interesting question, though. Now that UCW has a ring and a roster beginning to swell with indy wrestlers used to doing live shows, why not shoot some matches in front of an audience? Cheers and hisses energize wrestlers' performances and enhance the ring drama for fans watching on video. I've never thought of it much, but it must be terribly difficult for wrestlers to work with no audience in sight or hearing.

Still, one advantage of performing …

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