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Alex Costa vs Nick Milani, Catalog 18 - Balls to the Wall (MuscleBoy Wrestling)
I know it's not p.c. to say this, and I know my feelings are perverse, and I know Valentine's Day is still weeks away, but for me love has always been a violation of one kind or another. I don't mean rape. I mean that love is a leap across boundaries that after much toying and struggling leaves not one but both (or all three, etc.) parties smitten. Love is an act of conquest. Love is not "nice" at all. Love is a punch to the heart.
And long live love!
Nobody portrays the savage side of m/m desire more sumptuously than MuscleBoy. To my mind, wrestling is the effigy of any sexual act - which inevitably involves penetration, dominance, and relishable pain, all consummated in a graceful moment of ecstasy. The new catalog, which I have only just begun to peek into, seems dedicated to the overwhelming bombardment of the ego, which we genteelly call "falling in love" or "love-…

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