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No Love Lost

Blake Starr vs Paricutin, Catalog 3 (NHB Fights)
This fight erupts right off  the bat. Blake and Paricutin decide pretty quickly that they hate each other's guts. The combination of rage and their wiry bodies all but surgically attached to each other for 21 minutes makes for some tense moments, leading to an explosion of bad sportsmanship in the final minute. I love it. Paricutin is new to me, and I never really "got" Blake Starr before - but I absolutely get them both now, and as much as they might despise each other, they are wrestling gods to me.
It's like what Chuck Palahniuk writes in Fight Club: "Skinny guys fight till they're burger."
I was curious about this match for weeks before downloading it. From the first seconds, I felt the tension between these two, and thought I was imagining it until I rechecked Cameron's gut-wrenching description of the match on the NHB Fights site. It ends with "This duo definitely needs a rematch," and…

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