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Cat and Mouse

Cole Cassidy vs Billy Lodi, Catch-Weight 9 (BG East)
At first this appears to be one of the more unusual pairings in BG East history. Cole always reminds me of one of those black-leather-vest gunslingers on Gunsmoke  and Bonanza. Billy, one of the Skip-and-Christian generation of "twink" wrestlers, is the kind of svelte young man with bedroom eyes I can imagine lounging about the house in a kimono. 
However, the pairing is not that unusual. Cole has often taken on idiosyncratic wrestlers like Tarzan Tyler Reese and Jobe Zander, both in the ring and on the mat. He's drawn to opponents markedly different from him in style and experience. And Billy is hardly the mamas-boy he may appear to be, and over the years he's built a reputation for inciting masterful heel types like Kids Vicious and Karisma to attack - cause that's the way Lodi rolls. (In fact, it was his S&M fantasy with Vicious that first drew my attention to Lodi.)
Cole likes to abuse. Billy likes to b…

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