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Dimitri vs The Delinquent (Wrestle4aFee)
The latest fight between Dimitri (aka Yourek) and The Delinquent (aka DQ) was such a huge success in my pants that I downloaded the four matches that led up to it. Of the five videos, the best is the fifth and most recent release. 
Dimitri vs The Delinquent 5  offers better camerawork, better haircuts, better (as in "more savage") holds, better sells, and sharper all-around command of the squared circle by both wrestlers. I am glad I got the earlier four face-offs, too, because they are stimulating all on their own and educational in that they depict the evolution of two certifiable stars of the wrestling ring. 
I don't want to spoil anything for anybody, but I will say (1) that Dimitri wins more than he loses, but he does lose to The Delinquent, too, at least once, (2) that there are no ties or disqualifications, (3) that all five feature hearty give and take, and (4) that both wrestlers have (and develop) strong heel personaliti…

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