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Bostic vs Sterling - 19 May 2018, Gibsonville, NC

Chet Sterling vs Dylan Bostic, The World Is Yours (CWF)
The camera-phone shots are disappointing, but last night's main event was not. I had glimpsed Dylan Bostic during the show's intermission, but I wasn't sure it was really Bostic until later in the evening, when he was announced as Chet Sterling's opponent in the main event. Seeing him was quite a thrill since I've been a fan for over eight years, beginning when he was a boy-next-door babyface in Indiana. And Chet (29, 6'1", 195# - in green tights) is a perfect match for the "fascist blond" (26, 5'11", 196# - the epithet being Chet's gibe, not mine) - two dynamic talents who have both veered between babyface and heel over the years. I'm no Irving Penn, and my iPhone is three or four numbers shy of the latest model, but the shots capture a little of the event's flavor. It was a rough-and-ready match full of strong-style body slaps and action that spilled out of the ring, …

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