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Tough Fucker

Aspen vs Aaron Perez, Catalog 10 - The Muscle Boys Get Naked (MuscleBoy Wrestling)
Cock is out and mouth on it within the first ten minutes of this 36-minute blast of frenzied lust. Penetrative sex is not saved till the end of this match. Instead, it gets so tangled up in the competition that it is indistinguishable from it. I would not have thought of pitting a stallion like Aspen against a seemingly delicate rosebud like Aaron, but I'm happy Rocco at MBW did. It works, and the proof is in the (um) pudding.
Aaron Perez must be tough as motherfucking nails to withstand the heavy battering Aspen gives him. The fornication - which lands somewhere between Sade and Spillane - is the heaviest I have seen without bloodletting, and it just. won't. stop. These guys are tireless in their pursuit of carnal satisfaction. Aspen, the ultimate fuck pig, bends and stretches Perez as if the slim Latino hottie were taffy.
Aaron's suppleness is evident in his warm-up. Balletic splits merge …

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