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Rage Queen

Ron Mathis vs Matt Conard, Desperate Measures - 21 September 2013, Nelsonville, OH (XWE)
I like rage. I'm a rage-o-holic. The fact comes as no surprise to frequent visitors to this blog. I like the writhing, wriggling body contact of submission wrestling, but I like a real or realish  hotblooded fists-flying head-butting brawl just as much, if not more. The fact comes as a big surprise to people who know me in life. In person I'm even-tempered, standoffish, effete - a milquetoast. People who know me professionally are often surprised that a lover of poetry and art is equally entertained by professional wrestling. Deep down, dark urges of every sort riot and rumble - and mingle perversely.
Years ago, a close lesbian friend said she had heard straight men often rank other men on whether they could, in the right situation, beat them up. When I told her I never see a man without sizing him up for a fight, she lost hope for the whole male gender. (Sorry, guys.)
This 2013 match is r…

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