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Ultimate Upset?

Cody Everett vs Rex Bedford, Ultimate Upset? (88Wrestling)
Here's Dr. L's take on 88's new man Cody:
There are few greater joys in life than watching Cody Everett remove his ring jacket at the beginning of this match. It is a brief but masterfully arrogant performance that seems to anticipate the terrifying doom we hope awaits any wrestler of such amazing beauty. Of course, Rex Bedford has learned well how to fulfill that anticipation. And although the anticipation of doom does not necessarily demand defeat, Everett's ability to remain perfectly coiffed after three rounds of sometimes intense back and forth action cries out for some kind of punishment.
I sometimes suspect Dr. L is bankrolled by 88 and a few other wrestling sites to talk his pals - of whom I'm proud to count myself as one - into buying their product, not that I need much persuasion to buy anything from 88. This match holds particular interest. Beautiful, arrogant Cody is a sweet enticement, to be sur…

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