Dynamite in Small Form

Okay, guys, count this as one of my unaccountable tastes. Blow me if you can't appreciate midget wrestling for the art form it is. I just think the little fighters, with their low centers of gravity, put up a good fight—“pound for pound,” as the announcer says. I don’t even see it as funny (or camp)—just good kayfabe wrestling, fun in bite-size bodyslams.

Little Tokyo & Ivan the Terrible versus Lone Eagle & Cowboy Lang

from UniversalWrestling on YouTube


  1. I've got your back. I'll even admit that when I can transcend my small-minded tendency to infantilize these guys, some of them are quite hot. (Perhaps that's revealing too much...)

  2. Thanks, Bard. I wouldn't kick Cowboy Lang out of bed. And given that my usual "type" is tall, the attraction tests my own sense of self-understanding, sexuality-wise. But, hey, I'm already on record as kinky; I apologize for nothing.


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