Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dynamite in Small Form

Okay, guys, count this as one of my unaccountable tastes. Blow me if you can't appreciate midget wrestling for the art form it is. I just think the little fighters, with their low centers of gravity, put up a good fight—“pound for pound,” as the announcer says. I don’t even see it as funny (or camp)—just good kayfabe wrestling, fun in bite-size bodyslams.

Little Tokyo & Ivan the Terrible versus Lone Eagle & Cowboy Lang

from UniversalWrestling on YouTube


  1. I've got your back. I'll even admit that when I can transcend my small-minded tendency to infantilize these guys, some of them are quite hot. (Perhaps that's revealing too much...)

  2. Thanks, Bard. I wouldn't kick Cowboy Lang out of bed. And given that my usual "type" is tall, the attraction tests my own sense of self-understanding, sexuality-wise. But, hey, I'm already on record as kinky; I apologize for nothing.



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