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Soma Takao vs Yuki Ueno, Dramatic Rokumonsen* 2019, 14 January 2019, Osaka (DDT)

Before the match officially begins, Yuki Ueno (23, 5'9"163#) attacks Soma Takao (33, 5'8" 172#) from behind, thrusting him outside the ring to pummel him among the quickly vacated seats. Takao gets his vengeance, though, with a volley of ice-cold attacks. Such onslaughts have made me a fan of Dramatic DDT wrestling, whose profile pages include each wrestler's blood type (!) in addition to height and weight. The GIFs below minimize the give and take in this battle, partly because I so enjoy the electroshock-style vengeance Takao renders upon Ueno.

Why is Japanese pro wrestling so much better than the pro wrestling everywhere else - or at least why do I think it is? I love the horrifying suddenness of its retributions, a taste I have written about elsewhere in this blog. They land like lightning bolts, and the recipients often (as here) express the after-shocks feelingly. Th…

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