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Jonathan Alvarez vs Tom Bravo (Hunkswrestling) In his debut, Tom Bravo (in red trunks) is feisty, vengeful, and hunky, while Jonathan struggles to survive and turn the tables on his oppressor. Feasts for the eyes, the two are constantly at each other's throat. Chokes weaken the opponent. They also ensure almost constant body contact and shimmers of sweat.  The effect is homoerotic even though Tom and Jonathan identify as straight. Regardless of who is doing it, wrestling is, for me, erotic, thrilling to the core. Show me two men wrestling, and my reaction is arousal. A cum shot never interests me as much as a side headlock or a schoolboy pin - or a backbreaker or a fusillade of punches aimed at the head.  My sexual imprint was young soldiers tussling in the grass outside the barracks on the military bases where my father was stationed. Furthermore, wrestling in a T shirt and shorts often affects me as deeply as nude wrestling. So does grappling in business suits.  Sometimes but n

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