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Fem de la Femme

Aaron Rourke vs Love, Doug , CW Reloaded *9 (Chaotic Wrestling) This special Valentine's fem-vs-fem match could have gone wrong in many ways, but it is saved by Aaron Rourke and Love, Doug, who do more than sashay and pose to ruffle the feathers of breeders. They give fem a rough edge, and as much as the supposed theme here is romance, these guys know how to stage a fight. I hadn't thought that a combination of face kicks and limp wrists could be arousing, but this is the male catfight I hoped it would be - rough as any other match, but extra. Doug, with rose petals in the crotch of his trunks (really, there are), wants to cozy up to Aaron, but Aaron thinks he's too good for him - and all of us have had those nights at the bar. Crotches bump against faces and butts, but the boys hold the position only long enough to paint a picture in our minds and deliver a blow to their opponent. The insinuations are quick and brief, dog-whistles for members of the family and well-inform

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