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No Joke!

Ethan Andrews vs Nick Karras , No Joke! (88Wrestling) Typically at 88Wrestling, if I know a match lasts for only two rounds and Ethan Andrews is in the ring, I can accurately guess the results. Ethan is a no-nonsense fighter, and whenever possible, he disposes of his opponents as quickly as possible, with a minimum of theatrics. Hairy chested tournament wrestler Nick Karras may (or may not) be an exception. Karras's accomplishments as a state championship mat wrestler speak for themselves, but they are inadequate predictors of his performance in the squared circle. Ring wrestling works without the gentlemanly rulebook of college and high-school championships. Underground wrestling usually works without a ref, too. Karras sells attacks like a pro. Punch him in the gut and his grimaces and grunts are natural and expressive. He shines brightest as the aggressor, though. His adjustment to the ring and the many uses of ring ropes has been slow but very promising. His superstar potentia

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