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Dio Characi vs LuckyBoy (WatchFighters) I know who will be in my dreams tonight. It's too bad that manly affection has been largely neglected. Just look back at history - Achilles and Patroclus, David and Jonathan, Antinous and Hadrian, Tommaso del Cavalieri and Michelangelo, and gay submariners in WW2. I've always viewed tussling and horseplay- kid brothers of wrestling - as high-level manly affection. Less competitive, less prone to injury, they are masculine and super attentive. Dio Characi combines mastery with romance, He owns LuckyBoy for 21 HOT minutes without actually hurting him. There are brief moments of alarm, sure, but in the broad scope of things, the ball-sack squeezing and abs punching are less punishment than declarations of trust and intimacy. The combination of roughhouse and companionship is at the center of Dio's seductiveness. With it, he made his mark at Hunkswrestling and BG East in 2022, but this match gives us Dio and LuckyBoy at their best - or a

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