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Angle #10 Revisited

Brute Baynard vs Zip Zarella, Demolition 29 (BG East)
Brute Baynard versus Zip Zarella is a good example of an angle that's a favorite of mine - the iron-hard pro eviscerating a whiny wannabe. I wrote about it almost ten years ago: Angle #10. Zip's fate is sealed before we see either him or Brute. We hear shouts. We hear Zip whimpering. Then Brute bursts into camera view, shoving Zip to the ring, where he dribbles Zarella's head against a turnbuckle. Zip has lost this one before it has properly started, and I get the sense that, despite his cringing pleas for mercy, he knows he stepped over a line with this strongman.

I'm not ordinarily a fan of squash jobs. I get why others like them - the Adonis cut down in his prime, his innocent but studly body served up to titillate fans. Take away the innocence bit, and I climb on board. Then it's comeuppance, and I love it. We don't know what Zip said or did to piss Brute off, but we've seen Zip's arrogance at w…

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