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Diamond Noir vs Roberto , #106 (UKWH)   Having barely survived his debut match with Bo Bearly, the hapless but hot Roberto faces Diamond Noir, in his UKWH debut (at least under that name and that mask). Two beautifully curved wrestlers battling in (and out of) the ring are worth paying attention to. Noir runs this show, which means Roberto is constantly assaulted and abused, which means a welcome focus on his slim, firm, and constantly distressed body. Noir is ever attentive to the handsome newcomer. It's his responsibility to maintain the hustle and bustle since Roberto is still learning the ropes. The new kid already knows how to sell a hold and suffer attractively. He has not yet learned how to move the storyline forward. Noir robs him of the means to do so by enmeshing him in one inescapable snare after another. I think we're looking at the beginning of a potentially great and long-lasting feud. It will take more ring training and ring psychology to get there, but two fit

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