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War and Lust

Kal Connor vs Freddy Campbell , X-Fights 63 - Wedgie Wars (BG East) Freddy arrives late and wants to play, so he wakes Kal up from his nap. He has an idea for a game, a rip-and-strip contest with winner hanging the loser's trunks on a turnbuckle for all the world to see. Whoever captures the most trunks wins. The game is a mix of stealing panties and scalping your enemy - the trophy is itself an extension of the fight. Kal is up for this game, and it starts quickly, ripping and stripping trunks and hanging them up to dry while the loser grabs a fresh pair. The game evolves over time, eventually drifting away from the first set of rules and progressing to sensuous fondling and soul kisses. Rules are abandoned in favor of passion and exhilarating agony. Freddy and Kal are proofs that opposites attract. Lean Kal is drawn to Freddy's sumptuous physique. Freddy teases his slender opponent, drawing him in, begging for punishment - or facsimiles of punishment. It's a game of sedu

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