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Zack Johnathan vs Tanner Hill, Flex City (88Wrestling)
88's web site labels Zack Johnathan as "new," but for faithful followers the man is an underground wrestling institution and an ageless one at that. Over the last ten years he has been a distinguished face in online wrestling and one of the first wrestlers to succeed at multiple promotions - under a number of monikers capitalizing on the letter Z. Equally legendary, though not for as long, Tanner Hill is worshiped for his awesome physique and hot, often out-of-control temper. Last year we saw him flexing and jousting with Rex Bedford. Here he is in a second "Flex City," matching muscle and savagery with Zack.

I did not expect the two to be as well-matched as they prove to be. Zack has more experience, and Tanner has more clutch. Based on their wrestling history, neither is a shoo-in for a victory in this 28-minute contest, which overlaps posing and some of the fiercest punishments 88 has ever caught on came…

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