Ashton Vuitton, Ay Ay Ay Ay Candy

Over the past two weeks, I've seen three Ashton Vuitton matches on video.  The nineteen-year-old wrestler's early matches are impressive.  I've got my five bucks ready for the fan club, in fact.

Despite a certain awkwardness in the ring, attributable perhaps to a disparity of physiques (the fights I've seen involved stockier, somewhat shorter opponents), Vuitton is able to take a lot of punishment.  Needless to say, given his persona, he's been on the receiving end of brutal beatings, not quite squash jobs, but almost.

The persona he has adopted is the vain male model, with pretensions of class superiority.  It's a winning heel formula, though Vuitton's Midwestern working-class accent, easy, genuine smile, and hungry good looks work against it.  As familiar as I am with the cliche, Vuitton does manage to push my buttons, and as much as I'd like to see him more evenly matched in height, weight, youth, and skill, I enjoy the comeuppance the pretty boy invites and inevitably receives.  Still, I hope to see him win a match soon and graduate from jobber to a more complex and dynamic role.

His strongest point right now, of course, is his youth and beauty.  He also has impressive talent in "selling" his opponents' attacks and holds.  He can fly off a turnbuckle with ease, too, as shown in these action shots.

Still, as this new photo attests, his ace in the hole is the way he wears those trunks.


  1. I owe thanks to you for turning this reader into an Ashton fan. I had seen the pic of Ashton in the red trunks about a year ago, but without a name or any point of reference associated with it. Since that time I have been lustfully surfing the web for the red trunk wearing hottie’e name. Then out of nowhere, my good friends at Skull Island posted the answer to my search.

    After matching the pic and name I purposely purchased an ICW dvd from smartmark for the Ashton match against Brian Skyline. I find it you mute his on camera speaking parts you can enjoy his flawless body while imagining he is mouthing words more congruous with the fantasy you have worked up in your head. However his ring abilities confirm that he clearly has talent beyond his physical looks.

    Did a keyword search for his name on youtube and could not find the 3 posted matches, any chance you might include the web links for these matches on your next Ashton post?

  2. Topher, bud, I bought all three matches from Smart Mark. One is the Skyline match you mention. That's the only one-on-one match I've seen Vuitton fight.

    The other two matches are on one DVD: NWA Insanity 06-26-09 and 7-24-09 (both matches at Liquor Sweets in Milwaukee). The first is a three-way with Mickey McCoy and Joey Marx. The second is a tag-team match pairing Vuitton with Chris Black against EGO Trip.

    YouTube's got nothing on AV for now, but maybe some other kind visitors will point you and me to some more of this stud's work.

  3. cadwrestl@yahoo.comNovember 23, 2009 at 1:42 PM

    I communicated with Ashton through his MySpace site a few months ago. He was very sincere and appreciative in tone, and he told me that he got into gymnastics bigtime in high school for the sake of his efforts to get into pro wrestling, and for two specific reasons: to develop his leaping, off-the-tope technical skills, and also to get the ripped muscles that gymnastics develops. Hey, I appreciated his honesty, and he didn't seem put off by my compliments on his physique. (Translated: Go ahead and contact him, and see if he's open to being worshipped by a legion of guys.)
    Brad, Minneapolis

  4. Right you are, Brad. I just got a very nice response from Monsieur Vuitton informing me that his favorite match of his available on video is his CZW fight with Egotistico Fantastico. Don't know about you boys, but part of my next paycheck is going to Smart Mark.


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