Um, Does It Come with a Limited Edition Three-Bump Penis Plug?

YouTube sensation SteelMuscleGod now has his own Web site, featuring, among other things, video downloads of him wrestling and taking punches to that nearly perfect gut.  Good news, eh?

But maybe he has mistaken the exchange rate from American dollars to Romanian leus--or else he thinks all Americans have heaps of disposable income these days--because he's charging $40US to (gulp!) $90US per load, the videos ranging in length from ten to twenty minutes each.  These prices are waaaay out of my range.

And even if I did have the room left on my Visa card, for that kind of money I want to see hard thick cock--and touch it!


  1. Holy crap! $50 for a 10 minute video of him applying a sleeper hold by web cam?! That's a pay rate of $300 per hour, not to mention that he could have multiple clients for the same 10 minutes of work. If his marketing strategy works, he'll be the richest man in the world in no time!

    I'm with you, Joe. I'd get a kick out of seeing more of him, but I don't run in the circles that require me to pay anyone $300 per hour.

  2. I am sorry but for $300 an hr, I get to be inside you.


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