Bryce Andrews

Bryce Andrews has been a lot of places--including the WWE--but his online presence is sparse.  For a guy with such a big mouth in the ring, he sure is coy on the Internet.  For instance, I can't find any stats on this guy--height, weight, age, ... phone number.  If he's on MySpace or Facebook, the profile must list him by a different name.  Here and there, I find bits and pieces--some video on YouTube (not much), some pictures on Wrestling Arsenal, where my interest was piqued.  From what I've seen, he's what I like--big, beefy, cocky, and cruel.  He is still listed on the roster of Top Rope Promotions, where, three years ago, he and tag partner Mike Bennett fought and defeated Shane and Eric Alden, as seen in these jaw-dropping and mouth-watering photographs by Christine J. Coons.


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