How to Be a Heel (Beginner's Lessons #1 and #2, with Sgt Dickson)

Lesson #1:  Take on a hot hunk.

In this Pro Wrestling Xtreme (now Classic Championship Wrestling) match from January 2009, Sgt Dickson takes on a fine looking 6'2" youngster, "Tricked Out" Tyler Tirva, who has two of the best legs in the business.  If you really want to be a heel, it's important to have (a) a firm, attractively convex gut that's just begging to be punched and (b) a name that suggests, ever so subtly, the male member.  Note that our bad boy comes to the ring prepared with both.  On the way in, he takes the little extra time it takes to (c) berate the fans thoroughly.  Dickson hauls in on Tirva like the alpha dog he is, not waiting to test the waters before (d) throwing his full weight into demolishing his opponent.  If you want to be a heel, you can't afford to wait to see whether your opponent wants to play by the rules.  If your man is young and strapping, like Tirva, you do what the sarge does:  You (e) choke the kid every chance you get.  It puts color in his face and makes his veins pop attractively.  You also (f) pull hair whenever the opportunity presents itself, for perhaps obvious reasons.  For Dickson, the match ends when he blocks what looks like Tirva's best move, a headscissors takedown, and counters with a piledriver, which, to almost everybody's delight, Tirva blocks, then scoops Dickson up into a fireman's carry (heaven!), and, in what is in fact his best move, smashes him headfirst to the mat with the deadly Death Valley Driver for the fall.

Lesson #2:  Redeem your recent loss by kicking another heel's ass.

In this match from February 2009, Sgt Dickson (a) pearl-harbors his opponent, Reck, before the bell rings.  He dominates the first third of the match against an opponent used to playing the heel (or at least a face with heelish ways) in his other PWX showings.  But Reck is with his homies this night--and Sgt Dickson, (b) channeling Sgt Slaughter and a half dozen other great heel stereotypes is the heel's heel, by anyone's measure--so the fans cheer when Reck takes advantage of a missed punch to kick Dickson in the gut and turn the tide of the fight.  When Sgt D escapes (c) under the bottom rope, the crowd calls him a coward.  But the move soon looks more like strategy.  When Reck reaches over to pull the sarge back into the ring, Dickson responds by (d) smashing the guy's leg to the edge of the ring apron and then (e) repeatedly attacks the leg for the rest of the match to take Reck out of the fight entirely.  A succession of (f) punishing toe holds ensures Dickson's dominance, despite some valiant and somewhat successful attempts by Reck to pay the burly military heel back.  At the end Reck rallies to smash Dickson to the turnbuckle, but he waits too long to follow up, and Dickson nails him with a pin, his boots (g) illegally braced on the ropes.

(Photos by Mrs Id)


  1. Kid Leopard (aka Johnny DiCarlo)September 21, 2010 at 12:05 AM

    You might recognize the Sargeant as "Skotch English" on BG East ;-)

  2. You should check him out on youtube. Good stuff.

  3. Sgt. Dickson and Maxxx Attitude (on YouTube)...are they one and the same person?


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