The New Champ

In these photos of last Saturday's history- and wood-making clash between outgoing ROH champ Tyler Black, 6'2", 222#, and incoming champ Roderick Strong, 5'10", 212#, Scott Finkelstein seizes the moments of highest drama and most intense emotion.  These are my two favorite wrestlers at ROH.  I hate to see Black go, but if anybody can take his place in the Ring of Honor, it's Strong.  Both men are strikingly handsome and strikingly mean--the more of these traits we have in pro wrestling, the happier this fan will be.


  1. Farewell, Tyler, and knock 'em dead in the WWE. I saw you in action in an IWA-Mid South event at the armory in Muscatine, IA, way back when you were just breaking into the business, 2004 maybe? I tried taking photos of you and Matt Sydal, another up-and-comer, that night but I'm no Scott Finkelstein. At least it's evidence of a memorable night. You already had the moves, the attitude, and, needless to say, the look. Dang, we'll miss you here in the midwest but have fun at the big show. You've worked like a dog to get there; enjoy it.


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