Red Rover Red Rover Send Glover Right Over

Yeah, I thought the rhyming title sucked too.  But then it got me to thinking--not just about the pictured subject of this post, Greg Glover, one-half of the tag team If Looks Could Kill--but also about the years of playing Red Rover in school playgrounds.  The sing-songy taunt, hurling yourself at the linked arms of the opposition to break through them--the epitome (along with King of the Hill) of grade-school aggro roughhouse--either to bust through and claim one of its number as a prize or to fail and be enmeshed in those same arms and become a part of the enemy's chain now.  I wish there were an adult Red Rover team in my town.  But back to Glover:  he's a looker, isn't he?  Bits of angel and bully wrapped into one.  The gleam in his eye both invites and repels--even threatens.  Nice.  It might be nice to tangle with some of that.


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