Trouble in Mind

I know it's difficult to see the compliment here, but take my word that I consider it high praise to say Aden Chambers is a weasel-faced slimeball who needs somebody to kick in the pearly whites behind his arrogant smirk, and I would be happy to do the honors. 

In all seriousness, Chambers, 26, 6'0", 195#, has the makings of a classic cowardly heel.  He's got low arching brows over shifty eyes, thin merciless lips, and a medium-grit five-o'clock shadow, a visually perfect package for looming, snickering, and slithering under the bottom rope to escape just deserts for foul deeds he almost certainly is capable of.


  1. Agreed on his awesomeness as a heel. And recently pleasantly surprise with him acting as a jobber on Ring of Honor. His recent match against Steve Corino includes Chambers (only referred to as "Purple" by Kevin Steen who is announcing), getting punished in a long ab stretch which includes Corino shoving his thumb up Chambers' lovely butt 3 times!


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