Flyin Ryan

Flyin Ryan, 23, 5'6", 148#, is a beautifully built North Carolina wrestler, originally from Florida, a lightweight heel built for speed and lip.  He's featured in a ball-buster of a match against crowd favorite Stevan Stiles, a bigger heavier babyface, on NewPro Wrestling 18.  I've said it hundreds of times already, but you can keep your fancy boys with their GQ profiles, if only I can have a salt-of-the-earth stud like Ryan in my corner.  There's nothing explicitly homoerotic about this young wrestler's moves and gear, but to watch him in action gives me wood.  He's a roughneck with MMA experience who doesn't always play by the rules.  This match, brought to us by NewPro, is classic grunt, grind, and sweat rassling, two smart, agile youths intent on breaking each other in two--one of the best matches I've seen anywhere in a long time.  This latest release from NewPro is a must-own instant classic, with five matches in all--not a dud among them--featuring hard-bodied fly-stretchers like J-Rod, the Ryner Twins, and Tommy Trouble and more.  But this is the one that takes the cake for me, mostly due to Flyin Ryan, the man in green.


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