Let's say I just released a 3000-year-old djinn from a bottle and was granted one wish, but, in exchange for the one wish, I had to switch bodies with a wrestler--any wrestler of my choice--for forty days and forty nights.  

First off, whom would I pick?  Let it go without saying that I would choose to enter the body of a heel (read that however you like).  What you might not know is I would pick somebody brawny and arrogant--I would say about my height, six-feet-even, give or take an inch (in height, in height), but heavier:  200 pounds or so, solid pounds, but not ripped--some flesh to grab hold of, in other words.  

Now let's say the djinn insists I must decide immediately.  So keep in mind that if I waited a month or a week or even just a day to decide, my choice might be somewhat different.  But if I had to choose right now, this very minute, my pick would be the "Ideal Reflection" Christopher Ryseck, 28, 5'11", 201#.  

I like the man's attitude, I like the man's build, and I like the horndog look on his face.  As far as I'm concerned, the man hits all the marks--vain, cocky, hard, cowardly, sneaky, and hated.  With a face, body, and swagger like this, I'd hit the road and challenge the likes of Big Sexy, Trent Blayze, John Morrison, Jason Hades, Roderick Strong, Luke Robinson, Lane Vasser, Patrick Bentley, Chris Andrews, Pepper Parks, Andrew Davis, and Seth Rollins.  (My head swims with the possibilities.)  Two matches, if not more, a day.  

I'd top it off by demanding a rematch with Ryseck's nemesis Bryan "Super Chico" Alvarez, 35, 5'7", 170#, seen here fighting Ryseck in a loser-leaves-town match for Tulalip Championship Wrestling last July.  

And, then, what would my wish be?  Well, assuming "unlimited wishes" is off the table, I'd have to go with forty more days and forty more nights as the wrestling heel of my choice.


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