Scrappy Street Punk versus Hotshot High-School Jock

UCW is in top form with this hair-pulling, ball-grabbing, nose-smashing, body-slamming, gut-punching grunt-and-groaner that's a throwback to the company's early days. But the latest release [167] gives us new faces doing the honors, more than filling the shoes of the likes of James, Axel, Klown, and Joker, and proving that UCW's fresh meat section is fully capable of strenuous, nut-busting mayhem. "Make the Hurt Real" seems to be UCW's head honcho BodySlam's credo. The boss recently showed off the company's new Philadelphia fight space, surrounded by unpadded cinderblock walls, the kind that cracks bones, topped with a high ceiling, permitting dynamic action that was impossible at the Milwaukee space. The man was literally beaming as he ran his knuckles over the jagged bricks.

Hard to say what the new golden boy Aron, 6'1", 150#, thought he would accomplish in telling Stay*c Adams, 5'9", 135#, that he had just skipped school to spend the day with the tattooed tough's girlfriend. The eighteen-year-old transplanted Jersey boy might be a big noise on the varsity team in the suburbs, but one look at Adams, UCW's new prize fixture, would warn anyone that this guy is not your average wrestle-meet competition, but t-r-o-u-b-l-e. Aron's no pushover, and he's got three years of freestyle experience, but Stay*c, from the bad-ass side of Baltimore, has already proved his mettle in three no-rules fights at UCW, and he's not the type to take lip about his girlfriend lightly.

The action here is nonstop and energetic. Not a lot of talk. These boys are too busy kicking shit, huffing out an occasional terse provocation and getting their paws all over each other. Aron looks confident in his debut, and it's no wonder that BodySlam is grooming him to be UCW's new star player and possible future contender for the championship belt. Too soon to tell about that, but the kid is handsome, well-built, lithe, and aggressive. But it's hard to argue with Stay*c's raw, brutal temper and knack for spotting an opponent's weak spot and tearing into it, and he looks happiest when he's beating up the scruffy-haired teen. I liked everything about this fight, which has lots of give-and-take till one man steps it up and rips his opponent a new asshole. Put this one at the top of your list of must-sees this month.


  1. Frankly i think Stacy is the man...

    The matches are good,.fun, and sexy.

    I think Anonymous is a disgruntled wrestler who couldn't cut it

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  3. I have been a customer and loyal fan of UCW since its inception they just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work and lets see more of Aron!

  4. Semplicemente uno sport che vorrei legalizzare.


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