Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year, friends! My resolution--wrestleution--for 2012 is to get out to more local wrestling shows. I would not turn my nose up at WWE tickets if they dropped into my hands, but I mainly have my mind set on the smaller promotions that stage their shows in bars, school cafetoriums, and Moose Lodges. Taking a cue from Wrestle Bard (see herehereherehere, ... and here), I too would like to tour facilities at not only BG East, but also Thunder's Arena, Can-Am, and other shrines on kink holy ground, someday if not this year. Maybe that last one is a bucket list, more than a resolution.

I asked various wrestlers, promoters, and bloggers who are friends of this blog for their resolutions for 2012. Here are the responses I got:

"In 2012 I will be committed to professional wrestling training with the ambition of being a full-on pro wrestler. Also, get those connections that will get me into local indie wrestling feds."--Tigre at Blog de TigreMasc

"My resolution for next year was inspired by your 12/3/11 posting called 'What Now?' about the demise of underground wrestling companies as well as Neverland's 9/6/11 posting that warned against the negative effects of video piracy called 'Cutting Off Our Noses.' I resolve to do more to financially support the sport I love. I resolve to buy at least 3 items per month from a pro wrestling federation, wrestler, or production company (ticket to a live show, a DVD, pay-per-view, or new website subscription, for example)."--The guy in charge of Wrestling Arsenal

"My resolution is to try to be a little more selective about the wrestling I watch, maybe less WWE, or at least be sure to keep it on mute. Because it's supposed to be for fun, so it's annoying when I end up all pissed off. No, wait. Can I change my resolution? I can't watch less WWE because Tyler Black might be coming to it, and there are people I'd hate to miss, like Mason Ryan, but I DO resolve to focus on the parts I like, and just not think too much about the things that piss me off, just play Pokemon or something during those parts."--Stay Puft at Inner Jobber

"In 2012, I resolve to finish my collection of erotic wrestling short stories and get it to the publisher. I also resolve to finish some unfinished business with a couple of wrestlers who need some payback. I also resolve to try to get some new gear and to get in the ring more frequently."--Cage Thunder at Welcome to the Thunderdome and BG East

"You know, the only resolution I can think of is that I'd like to see more beefcake wrestlers wear Speedo-type trunks in the ring. Enough of those long stretchy tights and square-cut shorts. Don't be shy, gentlemen. You've got the bodies, now flaunt them! (John Cena, are you listening?)"--Bruno at Beefcakes of Wrestling

"My New Year's Wrestling resolutions for 2012:
  1. Interview more of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers.
  2. Ignore the haters and appreciate the positives more.
  3. Write at least one fictional homoerotic wrestling match a month.
  4. Get a better job that will pay me what I'm worth and give me more time for resolutions #1 and #3."
--Bard at neverland

"I don't want to 100% give my resolution away. (I believe keeping them a secret helps the chances of them coming through as last year's did.) But on that note I will say that my resolution is to work really hard in wrestling in 2012 to try to open more doors in 2013. To try to regain some momentum from the previous year, and hopefully be a more developed version of the character Ashton."--Ashton Vuitton at Pro Wrestling Blitz

  1. "I will continue to wrestle fairly but aggressively, and to keep myself strong and centered at all times.
  2. I will continue to humiliate and defeat my opponents without causing them any permanent injury.
  3. I will continue to produce the best wrestling videos in the world as I have been doing for several years now. You won't see me producing the fake, wimpy, so-called 'wrestling matches' that my competition puts out there that feature delicate, untrained pretty boys. At KRUSHCO you will continue to see REAL MEN having REAL FIGHTS on camera without any rules, referees, or fancy lighting that's more suitable for models than for MEN."
--Krush at Krushco

"I want to perfect my skills and take my rightful place as the King of Rock Hard Wrestling by destroying everyone in my path, including Jake Jenkins!"--Eli Black at Rock Hard Wrestling

"I want to smash my upcoming opponents, especially this Jake guy. I also want to learn some new moves that will intimidate my opponents, and I'm working on pumping up my chest."--Travis Storm at Rock Hard Wrestling

"I want to increase my fan base and generate more excitement for underground wrestling."--Jake Jenkins at Rock Hard Wrestling

"In the New Year we want to continue to provide the best wrestling content on the net, feature fresh, new, exciting talent, and showcase the blockbuster match of the year!"--The guys who run Rock Hard Wrestling

"I want to show that I have barely shown my full potential yet. I plan to mix up my arsenal of moves to keep opponents guessing and ascend to the top!"--Zack Johnathan at Rock Hard Wrestling

"I'm looking forward to taking on Austin Cooper. He's agreed to meet me in the BG East Gazebo, and that too pretty boy will finally be put in his place--buried under my big prize-winning pecs!"--Darius at BG East

"2011 was a transition year for me and a major upswing in my health. I spent a lot of time on the mats and in the ring rebuilding my strength and endurance. So in 2012 I resolve to go back in front of the cameras--but exactly in what capacity still remains to be seen ...."--Kid Leopard at BG East

"In 2012 I will retire Kid Leopard once and for all."--Jonny Firestorm at BG East

"I resolve to defeat that muscle monster Dev Michaels--on the mats, in the ring, in a pool, on the grass--anywhere!"--Patrick Donovan at BG East

Wrestle hard, my friends!


  1. Great roundup of insights from just about all the players that matter, the ones who make the shows happen. This is just another reason I appreciate your blog, Joe. Thanks for another great year and a happy 2012 to you.

  2. All that matters is that KRUSH is there and hotter than the rest and right-on in his resolutions. I LOVE how cocky he is. He can beat up all of those other twerps easily. Thanks Joe!

  3. Sounds like we have a bit of hints to whats coming during this year. Thanks a lot and happy 2012 to everyone!

  4. Damn, I sound so serious in my resolution compared to the others :p Nonetheless, I hope everyone has an awesome year ahead of them.

  5. And I do like your resolution, support local feds because they need the support, and the crowd to get energy from. The action is much hotter to see live. I will also be seeing as many shows as I can, as well as buying DVDs of well produced feds.

  6. Tigre and Krush should lock up. I'd pay big money to see THAT.

  7. This will be the year that I climp to the top of the underground wrestling

  8. "I want to increase my fan base and generate more excitement for underground wrestling."--Jake Jenkins at Rock Hard Wrestling
    Jake, no doubt your fan base will increase. If anyone can generate excitement, it's you! ;)

  9. I'm looking forward to taking on Austin Cooper. ...that too pretty boy will finally be put in his place--buried under my big prize-winning pecs!"--Darius at BG East
    Should be some hot action... can't wait!


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