Hotter than a Three-Balled Tomcat

I was a huge Austin Cooper fan before BG East released Wrestler Spotlight: Austin Cooper. Having now watched this match (in preview, a few weeks ago), I'm huger.

For almost a year now, Austin Cooper has been my ideal of stud-next-door male beauty, but never before has he been so quick on his feet and agile in his moves. In this, his first Spotlight release, he turns a corner in his career, achieving new heights of professional polish in three of the best choreographed bouts I have seen in underground wrestling. The matches with hot heel extraordinaire Jonny Firestorm and unorthodoxly sexy Lucky Loko confirm my interest in Jonny and spark it in Lucky. They stand on their own. But especially noteworthy is Cooper's battle against the dynamic Kid Karisma.

The ginger bombshell Kid K is revelatory here. Haughty and merciless when dominating luscious Austin, counterpoising his cringing subjection when being dominated. He really sells the action spectacularly, and for me it's a tossup between seeing him masterful, muscles flexing around his shiny black trunks, and seeing him scream like a baby as Cooper picks the meat off his bones.

The still pictures above (and on BG East's Arena) can only hint at the violence and artistry of this match. The wrestlers leap over each other, trade gut jabs, and tie themselves into braids of honey-tan and freckled brawn. The men really cut loose, holding nothing back, taking their aggressive instincts to the edge and beyond. Add two quarts of sweat, and consider me hopelessly mesmerized.

BG East proves itself in top form with this and other great stuff in the newly released Catalog 91, which includes, besides this jewel, Eli Black putting his perfect abs and MMA cred on the line against hairy-chested roughneck Morgan Cruise; Jake Jenkins getting hot and wet in the pool against Christian Taylor; the return of sexy newcomer and superstar-in-the-making Dylon Roberts; Joshua Goodman breaking in dark and handsome fitness trainer Gino Liotta; Charlie Panther, Dylan Drake, Mac Matthias, and Exavier showing us how pros do it in private; Jayden Mayne duking it out with Attila Dynasty; and Tyrell Tomsen in a doubleheader, against  Z-Man (in top form) and Dev Michaels in a blistering grudge match.

Be glad you lived to see this day. I am. What's not to recommend? The norm is hit and miss, we all know that, but the new catalog looks like hit after hit after hit after hit. Karisma versus Cooper stretches the stratosphere, with the clout of an instant boner-generating classic. I imagine any fan of wrestling would eat this up.


  1. BGEast is doing a really great job of directing these guys from RHW. Eli, Jake and Austin are perhaps the only three I care to watch right now. All really great looking guys who are also great performers.

    1. Its amazing what a difference good direction and knowing your audience makes.

  2. Kid K gives me the hardest boner.

  3. It's great that Kid Karisma is getting the attention he has long deserved. What a performer! What a body! And that personality - he's very well named.

  4. Austin Cooper... sooo hot!!!

  5. Four cheers for Austin Cooper, Numero Uno as far as I am concerned. Classic body... Buy everything he does...

  6. P.S. But I hope Cooper is given a few chances to dominate...or at least survive. Choreography notwithstanding, he's taken awfully heavy pounding, especially to the gut.


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