Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Looks like UCW-Wrestling bossman BodySlam gave the new kid the keys to the Ferrari in the company's latest video [#200], its 100th release, which it's selling for $1.00. A thirty-minute match for a buck! Jesse, the rookie, seems ready to rev Aron up for a test drive. No shyness there, and Aron's facing a bigger challenge in Jesse than he probably imagined. For his part, Jesse can't wait to get his hands on the stick. Groin-grinding, a UCW specialty for the past two years, comprises a good quarter of this battle, so if that sort of thing charges your motor, buckle up for a nice, long ride. Besides, Aron has a honey of a manual transmission to go with his smooth swimmer's build.

Check on "BodySlam's Scoop" here, where the boss announced this milestone last weekend (with a coda by UCW's original champ Axel). BodySlam thanks us fans for being there for UCW through thick and thin, promises more new faces in the coming year, and drops a hint about the possible return of some old favorites. (This, on the heels of recent disappointing reports that Joey Cantrell will no longer be wrestling for UCW. Let's hope there are more skinny hell-raisers where the current lot came from. Let's hope, too, that the next 100-mile loop gives us more of the roughneckery, bitch-slaps, and boners of the first 100. Happy 100th, UCW and fans!)


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