Axel Comes Out ... Punching

New to BG East but long familiar to readers of these pages, Ethan Axel Andrews appears in his most homoerotic match to date in Gloved Gladiators 5, facing hottie Lorenzo Lowe, who made a huge splash facing Eli Black in Wrestler Spotlight: Eli Black. GG5 takes our hero (and friend to this blog--one of the first wrestlers to embrace this hobby of mine) into the BGE ring to spar with Lorenzo, reportedly as a followup to a fevered private motel match, which regrettably nobody filmed, but probably (hint) needs to be recreated in a future Motel Madness.

Axel, of course, has teased us (quite nicely) with the sensuous aspects of grappling in his classic bouts at UCW-Wrestling, Rock Hard Wrestling, and, recently, Freestyle Combat League (which he founded). Over the past three years we have witnessed his UCW gear get tinier and tighter--last month we even saw him wrestle in drag (sort of). And he has never made a secret of his genuine interest in hard, smacking punches and MMA-style fight-clubbing. 

I have to admit my ambivalence over boxing--its gear, its science, but especially its eroticism. In pro style wrestling I have long appreciated the corner 10-count, where a wrestler backs his opponent to the corner, stands on the middle rope so that his cock is even with the opponent's upper lip, and rains down a series of angry punches while the crowd counts them out. Forearm punches and chops are a standing tradition in pro wrestling, best used (I think) as punctuation for a lot of sweaty, flesh-against-flesh grappling. 

But boxing, I don't know. The gloves, for one thing. Some of them are like balloons at the ends of arms. I find hands, wrists, and forearms sexy, so covering them up just doesn't make sense to me. Of course, in the Gloved Gladiators series, the gloves inevitably come off, providing a striptease as the fighters doff gloves, ear guards, and trunks as the boxing morphs into mat wrestling. But, in the end, it's really the wrestling that gets me. The one thing that has ever turned me on about boxing is the boxing stance: feet shoulder-width apart, one foot (usually the left) ahead of the other, weight resting on the balls of the feet (not the heels), ready to pounce, shoulders hunched and slanted towards the opponent, chin down, hands up with palms towards the face. Very macho. I like.

Andrews versus Lowe is a sequel to the private match we never see. There's a lot of hot talk about Lorenzo wanting payback for some unspeakable humiliation he suffered at Ethan Axel's hands back at the motel. Lorenzo is considerably smaller than Ethan, twenty pounds lighter and a good half a foot shorter. But in Black's Spotlight, it was Lorenzo who gave Eli arguably the toughest fight of the set. Happily, for me, the gloves come off fairly early in the game. Tired of Ethan's sneering domination, Lorenzo explodes, backs Ethan to the ropes, tangling the man's arms against the top rope, and peels off his trunks. The gloves come off so Ethan can feel the fury of his punches as sharply as possible. He presses his cock up against Ethan's incongruously "innocent" face. Now things are getting interesting.

The photos above illustrate the chemistry and heat that percolate between Ethan and Lorenzo. When he regains the upper hand, Ethan reveals a dungeon-master sadism we have never seen in him before. It's pretty damned exciting to be honest, and a far cry from Axel's "Don't be a bully" platitudes as babyface onetime champ at UCW. At BGE, Ethan comes out as a heel who enjoys not only dominating but sexually humiliating his opponent, and he does not mind taking cheap shots to gain the control he craves. What starts out as sparring escalates into a furious, sweat-soaked brawl, with one man victorious, the other knocked clean the fuck out.


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