Zack vs Krush

It's been a while since I have seen anything new at Krushco. Now Krush is back with a new huff-n-puff match against Zack, who may well be more grappler than the big baldy can handle. This is one of Krushco's typical stationary camera fights, and it starts with Zack pretty well dominating the near-undefeatable Krush. In fact, there's hardly any way Krush can move with Zack on top of him. Have no fear, though, in time Krush evens the scorecard ... but just barely and perhaps too late to stem Zack's momentum. The two men dish up a pounding on each other that's the sort of grunting sweat work that has been the company's mainstay for years. You either love this sort of thing or don't watch it. Primitive, spartan, deliberate, and heavy. True to form, Krushco keeps the focus on tight, suffocating clenches and jackhammer jabs to the ribcage, with somebody's neck getting damn near snapped at the end!


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