Fast Lane

First, there are the thighs. Then, there are the shoulders. Then, the wicked smile that makes Brad Rochelle "want to hurt him." Most important, there's Lane Hartley's ring savvy and smooth professionalism. One of several BG East wrestlers with indy pro credentials, Lane applies ring psychology (the art of involving a live audience in a match via timing and performance style) to the special challenges of video wrestling to good effect. 

Currently ripping Z-Man to shreds in this month's electrifying Pros in Private 10, Hartley caught my attention in Fantasymen 35, taking on (and taking apart) Brad Barnes. Sharing the card with outstanding fan favorites Rio Garza, Diego Diaz, and Kid Karisma (as well as Kip Sorell's eye-popping debut) hardly diminishes the impact of Lane's awe-inspiring body and American Psycho arrogance. I thought I had already posted something about this match. I remember writing about it, but nothing that made it to this blog.

Lane exuberantly busts muscly Brad like a wet piñata, and damn if I don't call that entertaining! Hartley virtually implodes the bodybuilder's physique as smoothly and scientifically as a Vegas demolitions expert, which is to say with precision and meticulously measured force. The guy is dynamite!


  1. This guy looks great in pics. I'm glad to hear a review that he's as amazing in action. His matches aren't available digitally yet, but he's a must-see for me when they are.


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