Demolition Men 3

What are my favorite matches in BG East's Demolition series? you might ask. (Okay, you didn't, but work with me here.)

With so many fine performers and performances in this series it's hard to limit my picks. Most of the matches in this series are unmissable, for one reason or another. Anything with Brad Rochelle, Blaze, Mikey Vee, Shane Styles, Aryx Quinn, Nick Archer, Troy Baker, Jonny Firestorm, Mike Columbo, or Austin Cooper in it is a surefire hit at my house. If you're looking for good wrestling and drama and for places to begin in this series, I recommend the following twelve as a startup kit:

  1. Brad Rochelle vs Billyboy (#2)
  2. Kid Vicious vs Jeff Jordan (#2)
  3. Dom the Dominator vs Brad Rochelle (#3)
  4. Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs Mark Nelson (#3)
  5. Kid Leopard vs Ken Decker (#4)
  6. Mikey Vee vs Steve Sherwood (#4)
  7. Blaze vs Mike Columbo (#4)
  8. Nick Archer vs Ringkid (#6)
  9. Aryx Quinn vs Tony Cosenti (#7)
  10. Cole Cassidy vs Christopher Bruce (#10)
  11. Jonny Firestorm vs Zach Zilver (#10)
  12. Austin Raines vs Joshua Goodman (#14)

Cole Cassidy on Christopher Bruce

Mikey Vee on Tony Cosenti

Jonny Firestorm on Zach Zilver

Mean Marine on Joshua Goodman

Aryx Quinn on Brendan Byers

Cole Cassidy on Jobe Zander

Braden Charron on Conor McGlynn

Rico Rave on Jonny Firestorm

Bulldog Barzini on Joshua Goodman

Donnie Drake on Mike Pitt

Rico Rave on Cameron Matthews

Bulldog Barzini on Jaxx O'Doul

Joe Robbins on Kieran Dunne

Austin Raines on Joshua Goodman

Lon Dumont on Terry O'Daly

Jaxx O'Doul on Greg Garrett

Joshua Goodman on Louie Lanza

Scott Starr on Shannon Embry

To be continued ...


  1. Thanks Joe for your list - reminds just how great matches and heels BG East has produced over the years - superb quality as always!

    I just wish they would sell digital downloads like BG Enterprises are now doing, as its not always possible to get DVDs posted in some countries.


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