Brave New World

As announced in early July, Movimus has spectacularly redefined both itself and perhaps all online wrestling entertainment with the unveiling of its first match in higher def 4K resolution. The match, released at the close of the past week, pits CT Thornton, one of the youngest wrestlers Movimus retained from the NHB-Battle days, against new sensation Dave Markus in his second match for the company. I'm happy to report there's no sign of sophomore slump in Markus, and far from subsuming the mat action in flashy effects, the hi-tech videography thrusts the viewer into the hot and frenzied center of the contest. 

The driving surf-rock score accompanying the wrestlers' opening stretches announces that Movimus and we are entering new territory with this match. State-of-the-art technology provides more dramatic, more deeply saturated colors than anything you're likely to find on any other wrestling site. The video has a more cinematic, soft-focus look. Its dark and dreamy ambience aside, the sometimes frenetic camerawork captures every twitch and twist from nearly the perfect angle, thrusting us viewers into the thick of it. 

The miracle is that the camera sticks to these battlers so tightly. Dave and CT are speedy and volatile from the get-go. Both wear next to nothing. Dave's sinewy back and thighs are especially highlighted by his silky baby-blue trunks. He is the more muscular and aggressive of the two, and the match soon defines itself as a battle between rigorous discipline (Thornton) and raw force (Markus). CT has never looked meaner or harder than he does here. It's a quite a shock, truth be told. Against type, he is an ice-cold crippling machine. His affectless demeanor hardly ever wavers. I've never seen the man this focused. Dave Markus unveils the fire hinted at in his strenuous debut against Aron Stokes two weeks ago. In short, this is the naturalistic shark-versus-tiger action a lot of us Movimus fans have been waiting for.

The 18-minute video ups the action side of submission wrestling. It's as if the Movimus bigwigs gave CT and Dave one and only one directive: keep it lively and recklessly rough. The three-fall match builds to a swift and unpredictable finish, with the unfortunate loser getting a thorough and jarring whipping.

We're in a new era of underground wrestling, gents. Brace yourselves.


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