Good Boys Go Bad

Jax and Hiro are the busiest and most popular new hires at UCW. It was just a matter of time before fan adulation would swell their babyface heads and they'd start eyeing each other for fighting. 

That's what happens when sexy local boy Jax picks a fight in the workout room, pissed because Hiro lifts heavier weights than he does. 

The male ego is a tricky thing, and the next thing you know Hiro says something in Japanese that Jax thinks is Hiro calling him a "sissy." (Any excuse for a throwdown, girls!) 

The bottom line is that Jax just wants to fight Hiro, and Hiro wants a piece of him too. They bump foreheads and start swinging fists. 

A slug-out amid the exercise equipment quickly moves (through the magic of video editing) to the fight room. The well-matched opponents hold nothing back, showing they are as capable of brawling as anybody else at the company. 

I'm used to seeing these guys jobbing for more experienced opponents. It's a treat watching them go at it as equals, all bets off as to who kicks the other dude's ass. 

A triple body-slam finish awards bragging rights to one and leaves the other guy both knocked out and pinned on his back.


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