Strapping hardbody Dash Decker gives new boy Gage Cardona a taste of rock hard reality and offers this service with a smile. Gage looks out of his league against the muscle stud, but he doesn't seem to know it. And what he doesn't know is hurting him something awful. 

This is only Dash's third match at Rock Hard Wrestling, and already he is fitting in, drawing in fans and giving Alex Waters' glib, self-assured smirk a run for its money. Already RHW entrusts him with the sacred task of breaking in the new meat. Decker delivers what I like to see in a heel: the joy of battle. Feeling an opponent squirm and squawk under his weight, he's in his happy place.

Dash snags young Gage in a Boston crab and doesn't care that the rookie has grabbed the bottom rope. He persists in making Gage's kneecaps blanch for five long seconds more before breaking the hold. Then Gage explodes, tackling the bully and driving him down to the mat with a pissed-off flurry of body blows. We get an early glimpse of the new guy's grit and determination once he gets fired up. Gage has MMA creds and a fire in his waspish, muscle-packed belly.

Dash has his hands full all right, but, trouble is, Dash doesn't mind having his hands full. He has strong, capable and unforgiving hands. Plus he has 45 pounds on this guy. Gage apparently can't cut his hair short enough to keep Dash from getting his fingers on it. And a deftly delivered Irish whip and clothesline to the chest puts Gage SPLAT on the mat again. Dash pulls him up into a full nelson and starts tossing him left and right, jimmying the lightweight's shoulder joints loose.

Ten minutes in, and these bodies are shining with sweat. Dash executes a murderous bearhug that ends the first round. Round 2 starts with the two arguing over which one of them talks the most. They both seem fond of apprising the other of the damage they're capable of inflicting. Thankfully, with these two bruisers, it's not idle talk. Both of them give good fight. And with this match both of them shoot to the top of RHW's roster of increasingly impressive fighters.


  1. I liked this fight enough to make a mess all over myself within 15 minutes of completing the download, the pacing was right, Dash took both falls but Gage put up enough of a fight to show he had some skills and can be competitive. The heavy sweat from both fighters was a nice touch. Gage's suffering was authentic but the fight would have been that much hotter had the suffering lasted longer. There is a to brief bear hug in which Gage grabs hold of Dash's ample chest and tries to fight out of it, had this hold gone one for 2 minutes instead of less than 30 seconds, this may have been one of the better rookie debuts RH has produced. Interestingly, the Linkwithin function drove me to your post from June 2010 titled Goner, which express much more eloquently than i the eroticism of long holds, somebody at Google knows what they are doing when they develop these algorithms, cause you don't even mention in today's post the length of a hold, but the link was on the mark.

  2. I like the red and black trunks just fine, but the bright red trunks really showed off Dash's assets so well. I hope they make a return. Dash is by far my favorite wrestler in the RHW stable so I will definitely pick this up sometime in the near future. I wonder if he's gonna be an RHW exclusive or if he'll be making his way to the other companies some day.


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