Suplex Party

Dan Joseph brings Ricky Steamboat vibes to this midcard match aired last Saturday (match starts near the 20:00 mark) for West Coast Wrestling Connection. His opponent is the undefeated Alexander Hammerstone ("hailing from Valhalla"), basically a Mack truck in tight black trunks.  Hammerstone's a beaut all right--all 246 pounds of him.

Giving away over fifty pounds to his opponent, Joseph gets faint praise for his superior "speed and agility" (lately, as damning an attribute in pro wrestling as "endurance"). Still, his hotblooded showmanship throughout the eight-minute battle consistently stirs hope in my heart and iron in my pants.

But I can't take my eyes off Hammerstone too. It's as if Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Randy Orton had a baby boy. Amazingly, the big guy wages war as much with his head as with his triple-tiered muscle, outsmarting the appealing but gullible Dan maneuver after maneuver.

It's Joseph and Hammerstone who set fire to my pants, but if (like me) you're also a fan of "Hot Shot" Danny Duggan (current WCWC Pacific Coast Champion), he looks brutally handsome in a main-event title challenge with "Voodoo Princess" Jimmy Jacobs, around the 47:00 mark.


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