Brutes. I can't define them, but I know them when I see them. They're what normally come after adjectives like "big," "bad," and "hairy" and in front of verbs like "squash," "annihilate," "pulverize," "humiliate," and "destroy," though they are not necessarily big or bad or hairy and they don't always win.

They cannot be equated with "heels," though they might well constitute a subset of heels--for instance, Kid Vicious and Kid Leopard are heels, but not brutes, and Brooklyn Bodywrecker and Brook Stetson are brutes even when they're sympathetic contenders. Brutes are the opposite of "suave," "urbane," "subtle," "polished," and "glib." In one way or another, they are physically imposing--like a mountain or a tornado or a barracuda.

They are bulls in the china shop, destructive by nature rather than by intent. Something about them immediately sets off the fight-or-flight response. They strike fear in the heart even before the match begins. They are sexy and frightening at the same time and the lust and the fear are inextricably wound together. They are forces of nature, with special emphasis on "force."

Brooklyn Bodywrecker squashing Devon Cade 

Donnie Russo

Mikey Vee 

Joe Mazetti AND Cole Cassidy in a Brute-vs-Brute showdown

Mr. Big (no explanation needed) 

Bulldog Barzini humiliating Denny Cartier

Brook Stetson showing Mitch Colby who's boss

All these shots belong to BG East and are available for viewing at The Arena

To be continued tomorrow ...


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