Up to No Good

Just before midnight last night, Cameron boasted that he was uploading the freshest fetish wrestling around. Less than six hours earlier, he had completed the shoot for CameronWrestler's Wedgie Wars, starring Ty Alexander and Chace LaChance.

Ty and Chace are the reasons I bought the download (especially since Chace is in hairy chest and stomach mode now). The two are evenly matched--Chace's advantage in size and mass is offset by Ty's readiness to shoot for low blows. Knowing that this rough play transpired less than 24 hours before I am watching it adds a sense of immediacy. As impulse buys go, this is a good one.

I needlessly worried that the title "Wedgie Wars" meant I was in for a full 20 minutes of Chace and Ty trading wedgies. Wedgies are fine, I have nothing against wedgies, but as I have said many times before, I like well-rounded matches. Chace versus Ty is well rounded. We're at the halfway mark before the first wedgie. (Unfortunately it also takes that long for Ty to peel off his top. But, you know, antici...pation.)

Not a lot of story here, vampire or otherwise. Chace is a little too wrapped up in Chace, and Ty is never too busy hurting a guy to cop a feel. Neither has qualms about throwing the rulebook out and getting down to business. Ty's energy--his silky style of sadism--keeps the fight interesting, and Chace--in his Tang-colored bikini--keeps it steamy.


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