Tiger Tights

Just a few off-the-cuff observations about Ravishing Rick Rude, 6'3", 251#, nothing deep, pretty much just as they occur to me as I watch this brief television match on YouTube.
  1. He is one of a few pro wrestlers who literally make my mouth water. On three or four occasions, such as when he opens his robe before wrestling a hyper-blond Rick McCord in 1985, he has made me gulp. In case I did not make this clear in earlier posts, for me he was his most ravishing with a hairy chest.
  2. Without his flamboyance, he would look like a trucker, a fucking hot trucker, but still a trucker. It's the campy fabulosity combined with his rugged good looks (and seventies clone mustache) that wows me.
  3. Like Kevin Von Erich, Rude knows how to push an opponent back to the turnbuckle: press in with your whole body, pull back to deliver a trio of knee jabs to the guy's kidneys, aligning your crotch to his.
  4. Scraping the sole of his boot across his fallen adversary's forehead: a nice touch, well executed.
  5. The lateral press: right leg crooked, thigh up against the other guy's cheek, your cock pressing down on his heart. Warms my pants every time.
  6. This I love: Rude has McCord pinned, but rather than let the ref reach even the count of two, he pulls the guy up by his hair for more abuse because he wasn't yet finished with him. (He doesn't want a pinfall. He wants to fuck the guy up with a DDT finisher.) A bit of old-school bravado I don't see much anymore.
  7. That back! Those shoulders! Best fuck-all-you-fans victory smirk in the world!
  8. Kid Karisma at BG East reminds me of Rick Rude, not so much in appearance as in attitude, and in 110% commitment to his gimmick. There's also something similar in the way the two manhandle their opponents--a sort of stop-motion jerkiness that amplifies the ouch factor.


  1. Thanks for your comments on Rick Rude, which I agree with 100%. I love it when you talk about old school wrestling. Also, thanks for the link to Ray D's YouTube channel. It looks like he's in the process of uploading a huge collection of old WCCW action, some classic material and with good video quality. Nice find!


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