A Tough Nut to Crack

Happy birthday to one of my favorite Southern wrestlers, Corey Hollis (b. 1990, 5'8", 192#). Corey has put over a lot of wrestlers over the years, recently at WWE NXT. Technically, I suppose that makes him a jobber, but he puts on a quality show, and nobody ever takes him down without getting very mussed up in the process. I have seen him twice in live shows, and both times I have forgotten to blink for as long as he was in the ring. Few men have the butts to take a bump as well as Corey, and like any Southern wrestler worth his salt he cranks a merciless side headlock.

Corey Hollis vs Shaun Tempers, NWA Chattanooga, 20 May 2011

Corey Hollis vs John Skyler, Anarchy Wrestling, 8 February 2014

Corey Hollis vs Cedric Alexander, WrestleForce, 8 February 2015


  1. I feel like Corey Hollis is going to be a breakout star soon … I’ve always enjoyed him on the southern circuit and he just gets better and better … Recently seen him on a few episodes of RoH and I don’t care for the long ‘hipster’ beard on him (nor on Daniel Bryan nor on just about anyone) but hopefully the beard phase passes … quickly.

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