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Flash LaCash vs Van Skyler, Gut Bash 12 (BG East)

LaCash (5'10", 235#) has been knocking on the door of BGE Heel Greatness for over two years. With Gut Bash 12, he climbs on board alongside legends like Guido Genatto, Dom the Dominator, and Brooklyn Bodywrecker. Maybe all it took was the right babyface.  Skyler (5'8", 185#) is obviously the guy, following a sexy showing last fall that put him in the crosshairs of every bully or wannabe bad-boy in wrestleland.

It helps that Van is innocent enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book. Flash asks him to strike a pose and, without skipping a beat, clamps the new guy in a full nelson. Then he snap-mares him to the mat for a tight, neck-snapping chin lock. Flash provides a steady string of insults to go with the hurt, questioning the face's commitment to pro wrestling and taste in gear. Van's misery looks entirely for real. LaCash could be doing him some actual damage.

"Man of a few words," quips Flash. "I like your style," punching up the word "style" with a grunting wrench to the head. "I hope you like my style too." Perhaps Van lacks sufficient English skills to put into words what his writhing body expresses so eloquently: that gym muscle is powerless to withstand the pro heel's bear-trap holds.

Thankfully, Flash makes sure we fans get a long hard look at his victim's flawless physique, thrusting it up and forward like a fisherman with a prize blue marlin. I especially like the way he slaps the palm of his hand to Skyler's torso, audibly confirming its firmness and vulnerability for the viewers at home.

Whereas some wrestlers show off their strength by making their opponents appear weightless and unsubstantial, Flash constantly reaffirms Van's solidity and heft, letting viewers "feel" the curve and substance of Skyler's body virtually. There's an artistry to what he's doing here--no less than a good portraitist's--and it's that art (his "style") that raises LaCash above the rank-and-file heels you can find just about anywhere.


  1. This match definitely puts Flash LaCash over the top as the best heel in BG East, if anyone needed any confirmation after his match with Biff. It also signals the arrival of Van Skyler, who's the perfect baby face jobber in this. So far the previews in the arena haven't look that impressive as the last. I hope they've saved the best for last, offering a match like this in the new catalogue.


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