Powerhouse Touches the Merchandise

You don't have to ask Victor twice. When Powerhouse sticks his nose in the kid's face and asks him if he wants some, Victor replies first with a startled expression, looking the muscular new guy up and down. Then he says, somewhat casually, "Yeah, absolutely." Immediately the pushing and shoving start. It speaks to both wrestlers' pugnacity that within seconds of meeting each other and with no greater provocation than an invite, they light into each other like years of bad blood have brought them to this point.

As his moniker would suggest, Powerhouse is a juggernaut, ruddy and squarely built, in stark contrast to Victor's swimmer's build. The baldy has a bulldog's disposition, and unsurprisingly it's he who gets the first takedown, applying a headscissors and arm lock combination on Victor. He hikes up one side of the kid's trunks, exposing a pale butt cheek, and proceeds to taunt Victor by giving it a sharp smack. Victor kicks and thrashes and punches his captor's gut. He escapes but finds himself immediately trapped again, with Powerhouse pummeling his midsection.

Years of watching UCW matches have accustomed me to the sight of slim, still wet-behind-the-ears young men knocking each other down a peg or two. Victor fits the company stereotype, pale, slender, and apple-cheeked, but Powerhouse looks like a bouncer at a North Philly strip club. Except for Cpl. Punishment, who briefly held the UCW championship three or four years ago, I can recall no other heavyweight on the roster. 

I can be forgiven then for assuming we're in for a squash job, and such would appear to be the case for the match's first third. But after eleven minutes of rough handling, Victor miraculously snaps the big brute into a Boston crab hold. Powerhouse muscles loose, but a minute later we get the first unambiguous sign that Victor may have the nuts to turn this baby around. He backs the big guy to the brick wall and gives him a taste of UCW hospitality, landing a series of stiff punches to the abs, blows that fold Powerhouse in two and signal a major turn in the action.

Caught off guard, Powerhouse aims low, securing his release with a clutch on Victor's balls. Then he drags the kid to the center of the mat by his hair. The rest of the match is give and take with Victor slowly building momentum. Pier-6 tactics destroy all semblance of sportsmanlike behavior, culminating in a knockout finish. It's an impressive debut for Powerhouse, who might well be in line for a shot at the champion's belt on the strength of his physique alone, but it's Victor, in his sophomore appearance, who most surprises, making it clear that guys like Powerhouse, whatever their ambitions, will have nothing simply handed to them at UCW ... except a fight.


  1. This is a pleasant surprise. I have some older, very underground videos starring LS Powerhouse. I'll have to check this out.

    1. He's new to me, Alex. Are you talking about one of those wrestler meet-and-beat sites? Let us know any good info you discover.

    2. I'm not sure what meet-and-beat sites are, so maybe? Probably 15-20 years ago, there was a site called Rec Pro Wrestling (Google remembers the name even when I don't) where they sold like basement matches and he was one of the guys. Well, he wore a mask, but it's the same name and shape. If you google it, you'll find YouTube videos of the kind of stuff they sold.

    3. Very good eyes, Alex! Powerhouse contacted me this morning, confirming that he has wrestled with Rec Pro and at BG East (as Slade Groman).

  2. Hey dudes. I have to give my vote to Victor. I downloaded his latest throw down. He is like a younger Axle with his long black hair, swimmer's build and his comeback tude. Love his grimaces with those amazing teeth and lips and his grunts. He totally rocks me and guns me hard in my jeans!

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