Duke Russo Takes Care of Business

Case "CT" Thornton vs Duke Russo, Movimus Wrestling

I'm not keen on big-vs-little matches, but I think viewers who are will enjoy this contest. It isn't a big-vs-little match, but it feels like one. Only ten pounds separate Duke and CT, and only two inches in height. But the wrestlers' proportions are strikingly different. This is a rematch, too, which means so both wrestlers know what they're getting into. CT has the speed and agility that his slim limbs afford him. Duke has the muscle and the hairy balls that made him such a challenge for CT the first go-around in 2015.

In this match, CT has a reputation to protect. Duke is still building one, fight by fight, fan by fan. The video runs 30 minutes, and we see two falls by submission. I won't lie to you: CT looks like he bit off more than he can chew in Duke. Just check out the screen grabs above. Though Russo knows better than to write Thornton off as easy-pickings, he lacks nothing in confidence in facing him on the mat a second time.

I'd love to see Duke pitted next against somebody bigger than he is. My wish list has Tito Marones and Dario Espinosa at the top; Silas Sanchez or Ray Mousi would be great too. Together these guys would make some noise!


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