Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Fabrice vs Payton Meadows, Undagear 25 (BG East)

If you showed me this match without providing any other information, I wouldn't be able to guess it's from BG East. It has its good points, which I would prefer to accentuate, being the positive and supportive blogger I am, but technically it falls short of the work BGE was producing even 20 years ago. Payton Meadows has a killer body, though he says stuff like, "Oh my stomach! I'm dying!"  killing some of the effect of a good gut-punching. A torso like this speaks for itself.  Though inadequate, the single-source lighting does deepen the muscle definition, and there is a twist to hold our attention, namely that the smaller guy, Fabrice, is stronger and more commanding than he looks. For all that, the match is pretty lame--two attractive combatants, but zero plausibility in the wrestling or the story. I know for a fact that Fabrice, given the room, is capable of more bang than he delivers here. My hope is that we'll see these guys, newcomers both of them, breathe more fire in future bouts.


Jake Jenkins vs Attila Dynasty, Undagear 25 (BG East)

Jake has been one of the company's most dependable wrestlers over the last (almost) five years. On the mat especially, he knows what he's doing and he looks good doing it. His performances routinely exhibit an understated wit and a level of competitive intensity at odds with his laid-back attitude. Attila's impatience to get it on with this guy is entirely understandable. Jake wants to show off his muscles, and Attila wants to kick some Jenkins butt. They are physically well matched, and this fight has needed to happen for a while now. Attila exhibits more spark and spunk than I ever figured him for, and his sneak attack on Jake gets him a satisfying and credible submission ... and a whole lot of trouble once Jake gets fired up. When Jake gets the second fall, Attila accuses him of cheating, further notching up the heat between these two. For me, Attila is a revelation. He comes to his own right here, and he's a force to reckon with. He and Jake play off each other beautifully. The banter between them is fresh and spontaneous. The chemistry is natural, and by the match's midpoint I don't know which one of them I'd rather pounce on. Tensions build slowly and believably to the choke-out finish, which ought to add a few pounds to any sensible viewer's dick.

Drake Marcos vs Ethan Axel Andrews, Undagear 25 (BG East)

I'm happy to see these guys butting heads. So physically similar they might be cousins or brothers, Drake and Ethan have lately been set against much bigger wrestlers. They are exactly the same weight and nearly the same height, and paired against each other, each exhibits levels of bad-ass-ness neither has mustered before. In matching haircuts and cockstentatious singlets, they bump chests for a minute before Marcos gets the first takedown, schoolboy-pinning Andrews to the mat, assuming "schoolboy pin" means rubbing crotch to crotch to induce frenzy, an assumption I do actually make. Then Drake paralyzes Ethan in a full nelson, planting the Midwest boy's fair taut ass atop a tall welcoming bulge. A minute later Ethan reverses the momentum with a well-aimed foot to his assailant's balls, though at this point EAA's erection is so very flag-poled it's practically screaming the national anthem. In time, give and take gives way to Ethan's laying claim to the dominant role--with just enough resistance from Marcos to keep the friction tingly--and focus shifts to the shedding of singlets (to reveal jockstraps) and the full-on weaponizing (and targeting) of genitals. The erotic combat is altogether believable--and hot--and, in the end, the winner literally rides the loser out of the mat room and to (presumably) a bed with leather straps. This is probably Ethan's best battle yet at BGE, so totally at ease is he with (and on top of) Drake.


  1. Joe, thanks for the reviews. The first match was on my radar, based on the appearance of the guys, so that's disappointing.

    As for the second, for pouncing or anything else, it's Jake. It's always Jake. I'm glad BGE has more in the can with him. Now I did like Attila when he crushed the much larger Trent Blayze, so he's believably capable for me. I'll have to check this one out.

    1. Alex: You can't go wrong with Jake vs Attila. It's the one of the three that's especially for wrestling lovers, and it's worth the full price of admission. As I said, Ethan vs Drake is hot and contains some great holds, but flirtation and sexual domination trump rambunctiousness and athletic competition--okay by me. As for Payton and Fabrice, I think the scenery is wonderful (too dark by half, but you see what you need to see) and my faith is in both guys to do better, given another try.

  2. Pitting a rookie against another rookie is always risky. How often had it worked out? Can't think of many. But both these guys deserve another chance. Throw Payton against an established heel, or Fabrice in some kind of mat scenario, have the vets take the lead and they should be golden. They have the look for it. The former especially is quite a stunner even though he looked a bit green.

  3. Finally saw the Payton/Fabrice match when it was offered as a VOD. I just got a completely different take on it. Loved it. Loved the dramatic lighting. Loved the contrast of the body types. Loved the narrative, which for me was a "pride goes before a fall" thing. I hear what your saying about the "oh my stomach" comments, and they probably would have dampened the heat for me had English been their first language, but the foreign (French?) accents kept it hot for me. And that French thing -- voices and Payton in particular -- made me think of the old pwp stuff, only this had much tighter flow and production values in BGE's capable hands. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  4. *you're. can't believe i wrote "your" with you being a prof! Geez!

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