Jesse Vane's 12 Beautiful Moments

JT Dunn vs Jesse Vane, All Killer (Beyond Wrestling)

For a number of reasons Jesse Vane (5'6", 174#) looks like he would be fun to play with. He has absolutely the classic doughboy face, but he's no jobber. The fireplug body radiates heat that's volcanic. He's handsome and strong, but seeing him put his black trunks in motion adds several more levels to his appeal. He is a bad-ass through and through, even though he looks a lot like my math teacher in junior high. The following GIFs focus on Vane's personal high points in the All Killer show. They do not fairly represent the actual course of the breakneck 11-minute match. JT "The Juice" Dunn (5'10", 176#) makes sure it's give-and-take from start to finish. I'm a fan of both wrestlers, but Vane is magic in this September 2013 contest. It's him and his moves, the combination of instinct and training, that have entered my dreams.

He pulls the Juice's hair.
He leaves a hand print.
He plays rough.
He fires Dunn up.
Then BLAM, man!
And he won't let up.
He shows no respect.
Like no respect at all.
He puts forehead to Dunn's head like he is mind-melding to share the pain.
Damn (pronounced redneck style with two syllables).
The guy is bad news ... gorgeously packaged, though.
In the end he gets the climactic skull-fuck he's been just asking for.


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